Compare-O Bottom Line: Sublime Specialized S-Works Stumpjumper FSR EVO 29 makes a case for substance over buzz

If you’re a fan of big wheeled bikes, the Specialized S-Works Stumpjumper FSR EVO 29 is a sure fire hit. And if you’re skeptical of wagon wheels, this bike just might change your mind.   Read More »

The Angry Singlespeeder: Paradise Lost

San Diego has some incredible riding, but non-stop, greed-driven development is ruining this former paradise.   Read More »

Spotlight: 2010 Ibis Tranny Single Speed

By Kurt Gensheimer Blings: • Ungodly acceleration • Sub-20 pounds • Descends like a full-suspension bike • Donkey Punch-proof • Relatively affordable (especially compared to a Specialized!) Dings: • Some people will be disappointed it isn’t a 29er (which is a bling in my book). • Stock Cane Cr ...    Read More »

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Bonehead Bashguard install???

Excuse my newbness!:D I just installed a MRP party crasher bashguard on my Nomad with XT crankset.The inserts that came with the guard seem to be a tad long and when tightening the supplied bolts they bottom out and tighten before the guard gets super tight,allowing the bolt and insert to spin freel ... Read More »

Who deserves your "Bonehead of The Day" award?

I was thinking the other day...people are dumb, really dumb. I'm not being mean or bashing them and that's not what this thread is about. Instead, tell us your story about you or someone you witnessed today just being a complete bonehead. What really motivated this thread is a guy I work with. ... Read More »

Noble Canyon Bonehead move for 2009 (left a few items at the trailhead) $100 reward

So Sunday morning I was riding at Noble Canyon and when I finished my ride I loaded my bike and me and my fiance were on are way. Got home and realized I left my Troy Lee D2 "Phobia" Helmet, Smith goggles and Troy Lee gloves on a rock at the trailhead of Noble. I'm 99% these items are gone for goo ... Read More »

Bonehead BBT-9 question

I feel like a complete and utter moron here, but I honestly don't understand how the spinning disc / 8-point star end of the Park BBT-9 works on my Saint Hollowtech II crank cap. I do understand that the crank cap is only to be applied with very little torque, but I'm at a loss on understanding ho ... Read More »

Bonehead Bicycles?

Out of Fredonia, PA? Anyone remember them or know anything about them? Produced an Alu frame with "circle stays"...the Yeti'esque one piece wrap around chain/seatstay design with the welded on, plate type drops.Read More »

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