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Chub Hub Pro Review

Introduction: Every time I see these hubs on the tradeshow floors, I'm stopped in my tracks. They're so... BIG. So I pick them up like most folks and am just to amazed at how light they are. But do they work? Is there any logic to their girth? Read on and find out. Description: The product I'm re ...    Read More »

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Newcastle "Bombshell" ???

Just picked up a 12pk of Newcastle Bombshell and it isn't that good. Maybe its because I find myself drinking IPA's lately or its just lousy? The original Newcastle has been an all time favorite from back in the days before there was such a wide selection of "good" beers so when I saw a 12er of some ... Read More »

Nuke Proof Bombshell from the late 90s parts question

have a pair of nuke bombshells that i picked up new from supergo back when they were still in business. probably have 10k miles on the hubs and a few sets of bearings. that hollow bolt that attaches the freehub to the rear hub finally cracked on me while riding one day. had slop in the wheel all of ... Read More »

Southern Star Brewery - Bombshell Blonde

yummmmmmmmmmmmmmy!! Have you had it yet? Its out of Conroe, TXRead More »

A Testament to Bombshell Wheels and Rock Shox Domain Fork

I went out "exploring" today on my '08 Kona Hoss and came across a hidden ATV/dirt bike race track out between a bunch of farm fields. This track is very nicely laid out for motorbikes, with lots of jumps and ramps, both dirt and wood. The jumps are too gentle and far apart for a mountain bike, thou ... Read More »

Avent Cycles / Bombshell Parts NEW WEBSITE

Wasnt sure where to post this on here - new website is up and running for you guys to check out [url]www.aventcycles.com[/url] [url]www.bombshellparts.com[/url] :thumbsup:Read More »

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BombShell Product Categories

Armor and Pads

B2 Knee Cup Shin Guard 5
2   Reviews
$ 45.00


Sputnik 4.64
14   Reviews
$ 459.00


MotoFin Rear Disc Hub 2.8
5   Reviews
$ 189.00


Traction 5
2   Reviews
$ 26.00


Fat Daddy 4.29
17   Reviews
$ 369.00




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