Boeshield T-9 lube

OK, I just applied some of this to my chain. It is 1:30 local time. I then read some of the reviews of this lube, many of them said to wait overnight before a ride... I was planning on going out sftraight after work in about 3 1/2 hrs. Do I really have to skip out on my ride today??Read More »

T9 boeshield - spray vs drip can

I am looking at buying some T9 Boeshield. Boeshield markets a specific lube for bicycles which is a drip lube. I am wondering if using the larger spray can is basically the same thing? I just feel that they but a "bikes" label on it and double the price. Comments? Thankd edRead More »

whats e differen between white lightning and boeshield lubes?

is one better than the other?, they sound the same to me a wax lubricant, are any differences?Read More »

Boeshield T-9 Experience?

A month ago I put a new SRAM chain on my XTR 9-speed. Before doing so, I cleaned the chain for a few minutes in Simple Green to get the packaging grease off, then I rinsed thoroughly with water to get all the Simple Green out, then I sprayed liberally with WD-40 to get the water out, then I hung th ... Read More »


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