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New National Sanctioning Body Set To Compete with USA Cycling

Citing a long-held dissatisfaction with the job cycling’s national governing body has done, an Oregon-based group has launched the North American Bicycle Racing Association.   Read More »

Review: BetterRide three-day mountain bike skills camp

You’ve upgrade to a better fork, some lighter wheels, and a new drivetrain. Now Gene Hamilton and BetterRide want to upgrade your riding.   Read More »

How To: Building strength for mountain biking

Professional mountain bike skills instructor Lindsey Voreis shares 8 great moves to get you ready to ROCK on your mountain bike this summer.   Read More »

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Does body weight affect the quality of fork you need?

I'm new to the MTB scene and I'm just doing some minor upgrades to an older mongoose MTB till I get a new one next year. However, I'm only 120lbs, so I figure I wouldn't need an expensive suspension fork. Maybe just a decent RockShox. On my current bike, the suspension is good, even though its not n ... Read More »

Shimano XT FH-M788 12x142 rear hub - broken freehub body

I have ridden about 300ish miles on the hub. The freehub body cracked. In 20+ years, I have never broken a freehub body before. I do not ever recall seeing a broken one. Shimano is sending a warrantee freehub body through my LBS. That is going to take a couple weeks. I was not willing to ... Read More »

Can any body figure out what frame this is?

Hey right now i am riding from colorado to LA on a road bike. I was staying at a Warm Showers house and the guy had this sweet bike. i cant figure out what it is.[ATTACH=CONFIG]818848[/ATTACH]Read More »

Fox Racing Titan Sport SS Jacket Upper Body Armor

Hi all, Just started doing some DH on my all-mtn Rocky Mtn Slayer this year and it's addicting! I've been to Whistler and just tried out Sun Peaks last weekend and crashed pretty hard on a friggin steep blue trail (haven't tried a black yet). I was wearing a 661 FF, MACE knee/shin armor and POC ... Read More »

Freehub body

Earlier I took off my rear cassette to try and find a make/model of the freehub body by I could not see any writing on it?!! I have these pictures, can you tell from these snaps? is there a way of identifying the replacement that is needed? Also I noticed that the grooves/teeth on the freehub bo ... Read More »

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