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First Look: Cannondale Jekyll 27.5 Enduro bike

Like some, we were skeptics when it came to the new Jekyll and its proprietary technology. But come explore with us and understand how this bike comes together and why it's worth considering for your next steed.   Read More »

First Look: New Cannondale Trigger 27.5 and SuperMax fork

Cannondale unveils 27.5-inch wheel Trigger trail bike with 140mm-travel Lefty SuperMax fork, and a new iteration of their adjustable FOX-built DYAD rear shock.    Read More »

Compare-O Bottom Line: Yeti SB95C is a gorgeous high-speed weapon

Captivating looks, big wheels and the simple yet innovative Switch suspension set the Yeti SB95C apart. Take a deep-dive into it’s performance here.    Read More »

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Bob Trailer w/170mm hub

Want to use my Bob Trailer with the 170mm rear hub. BobGear has 3 different length skewers; 140, 145, 160mm, all too short. Anyone use the Bob with their fatty and come up with a solution? Cutting the rod and weld in an extension chromoly piece? [url=http://fotos.mtb-news.de/p/1430900][im ... Read More »

Fitting bob trailers on 142+ skewers?

Looks like you can do it now. [url=http://www.robertaxleproject.com/how-it-works/]The Robert Axle Project How It Works - The Robert Axle Project[/url]Read More »

OT: Bob double strollers any good?

Our expensive Chariot fell apart after 7 months, REI took it back pre exchange change. Now the cheap no name replacement also fell victim to my 95 percentile size twins. Looking for a decent replacement.Read More »

Spam: Thru-axle for your SC and BOB trailer together!

[COLOR=#333333][COLOR=#333333]Just in time for your summer adventures.[/COLOR][/COLOR] [COLOR=#333333][COLOR=#333333]A 12mm thru-axle (142x12), compatible with BOB Trailers. Now you can take your Santa Cruz on your best adventures, trailbuilding, mountain bike touring... This is one of our custome ... Read More »

Paid Spam: New 12mm thru-axle brings your Specialized and BOB trailer together!

[B] Just in time for your summer adventures.[/B] [COLOR=#333333][INDENT][ATTACH=CONFIG]808959[/ATTACH] A 12mm thru-axle (142x12), compatible with BOB Trailers. [ATTACH=CONFIG]808960[/ATTACH] Now you can take your Specialized on your best adventures, trailbuiling, mountain bike touring... [ATTA ... Read More »

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Bob Product Categories


Dry Sack Waterproof Trailer 0
0   Reviews
$ 69.00


Ibex Plus Suspension Trailer 3
1   Reviews
$ 439.00
Nutz 4
1   Reviews
$ 25.00
Trailer 4.37
30   Reviews
$ 27.50
Yak Plus Trailer 4.4
5   Reviews
$ 369.00




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