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BLT Clic: More Light For Less

Port Coquitlam, BC - This spring one of our BLT designers was sitting at his desk working to create an economical light that was 'just a bit different'. While he was adding user-friendly features such as 4 x AAA battery compatibility, he looked down at his mouse and thought, 'What if we made a ...    Read More »

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BLT Lights?

Can they be ordered in the US? Where and how?Read More »

BLT lights? Specifically Triton T4

Okay, first off, I'm not a new member, I've been here for years. I forgot my password and the email I was using was a school one that got turned off. Also, I don't need any 'do a search' posts, the search here doesn't take kindly to 3 letter words and I've tried everything I can think of. Havi ... Read More »

Comments on BLT lights

I looked at the product review section, but most of the reviews seem to be a couple of years old. Does anyone have an more recent experience with BLT lights? I am interested in their Radium 25 system. New users - 1st post. LOTS OF GREAT INFO HERE!!Read More »

BLT lights

:mad: Why oh why dose BLT make such an abosolutly garbage product. I have had 4 battery packs now (warrenty replacements) and they all are the same, crap no longer than half of the claimed burn time. Last night I got a wopping 10 mins of burn before it droped down to 5 w mode. They finaly admitted t ... Read More »

BLT Lights any good????

I'm specifically looking at the BLT Gamma Ray SL2-42. There's only one review listed for this light and its from January of 03. Anybody have any real world experience with this particular light? Thanks in advance for any input.Read More »

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