Zoic's 2014 Highlights: Ether short, Fade graphic tee, Black Market short and more

2014 marks the 20th anniversary of Zoic clothing. They have some fresh jerseys, shorts and more coming for the new year. Check out these highlights including the ever popular Ether and Navaeh shorts.   Read More »

Zoic Clothing Offers 'Super Sneak Peak' of Ether and Black Market Shorts

San Diego — December 6, 2011 — ZOIC Clothing has announced an exclusive Sneak Peak opportunity to purchase the 2012 Ether and Black Market shorts — while supplies last. The two styles will not officially be available to dealers until the first quarter of 2012. ZOIC's Ether shorts are priced at $79, ...    Read More »

Interview: Black Cat Bicycles' Todd Ingermanson

You can instantaneously recognize a Black Cat bike from a distance because of its amazing paint job, but it’s up close where you see the real magic. Mtbr sat down with Todd Ingermanson to pick the brain behind this marriage of form and function.   Read More »

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Black Market Roam Question

Hey guys, I'm looking at picking up a new MB and have been leaning towards the 650B's as I'm so short my has drags the ground and I feel like I'm on a monster truck on a 29'er. I've been researching for the last six months attempting to understand chain stay lengths, BB heights, HT angles etc and I ... Read More »

Black market bikes Roam

Been thinking about a 650B rear and a 29er front on a FS bike for a while, to keep the chainstays short and still get 140mm min rear travel. Can't seem to get the get the specs from their website and they have no email address.Can anyone enlighten me? This caught my eye and I quote... The Roam is ... Read More »

Black Market

[url]http://forums.mtbr.com/picture.php?albumid=1154&pictureid=4277[/url] Just got this put together, It needs proper coil in the back other then that I hope it can handle some abuse!Read More »


Hey everyone, I sadly had my Mob stolen from a bike rack at school today, and I would like to get the word out there so I can hopefully get it back. It was secured with a thick cable lock, and was taken from a very public rack in broad daylight. This was at Cal State Fullerton, and the theft occu ... Read More »

What is comparable with Black Market Mob?

off the forum for a long time: I think the black market mob is one of the top frames out there as is brooklyn machine works. I love the frames b/c of their simplicity, quality, design and the fact that they are handmade by a person you can actually talk to if you needed to. What is similar?Read More »

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