The Breck Epic MTB Stage Race Newsletter

The Breck Epic MTB Stage Race Presented by SHIMANO HERE BIRDY, BIRDY, BIRDY... Just a quick reminder that Early Bird registration for the 3-day and 6-day versions of the 2011 Breck Epic ends today (Tuesday, October 5th) at noon. "3-day race you say?" Yes, a 3-day version. For those wanting ...    Read More »

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A little birdy told me.....

Maxxis Crossmark 29"ers are available at QBP. Part #TR 1356 Have at 'em boys! :D ([I]Note: I am not affiliated with QBP, Maxxis,nor do I have any vested interest in the sale of these treads. Just lettin' ya'all know about it. Mmmkay?)[/I]Read More »

So a little birdy...

[FONT=Georgia]...sent me an email about a real life trail encounter with Mr. 115% efficient. I'm very surprised that it hasn't surfaced around here yet. What gives Socal folks? [/FONT]Read More »

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