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BionX SL 350 HT - Electric Mountain Bikes?

Electric bicycles are a touchy subject. Let's face it, they have little appeal to the hardcore mountain biker. In fact, the idea of out-of-shape couch jockeys clogging up our favorite singletrack assaults our collective senses. But do electric bicycles really have a valid market outside of the co ...    Read More »

BionX - electric powered pedal assist mountain bike

One of the most exciting mountain bikes at the Bike Press Camp last week in Deer Valley, Utah, was the battery powered BionX. The BionX is basically a battery, generator, and console control unit that can be mated to almost any bike. Maybe not as exciting as the latest single crown AM fork or the ...    Read More »

BionX Providing "Energy Management Systems" for PressCamp

E-transportation part of event's green initiatives Laguna Niguel, CA--Lifeboat Events has announced that BionX will give a PressCamp™ 2010 special edition "BionX-powered bike" to every editor and event staff member at PressCamp in order to provide eco-friendly transport and enhance the sustainabili ...    Read More »

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Pugsley with custom black BionX motor = sweet!

We're pretty new to fat biking at NYCeWheels but we saw right away that they go hand and hand with BionX electric motors. Figured you all might like this video: [video=youtube;kJD9nw2SuPY]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJD9nw2SuPY[/video] Thanks for watching and have fun! -Peter from NYCeWheels(. ... Read More »

Bionx 250

Well I've done several commutes on my bike (giant anthem 1) and can say for sure I'm a big fan of the electric addon to the bike.. Think the location of the battery under the down tube is a fine location for it to be mounted. I also got the thumbs up from bionx as well. So guessing they have no ... Read More »

BionX verses Phoenix II 7240

I'm new to e-bikes and was thinking about converting my hardtail / commuter bike. I would need to travel over 20 miles per day (four 5 mile trips) to work. I don't mind pedaling but without turning it into a major workout it just takes too long to be practical to go home over lunch (have to because ... Read More »

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PL-250 Motor System 0
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$ 1690.00
PL-350 Motor System 5
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$ 1890.00
PL-500 Motor System 0
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$ 1990.00
SL 350 HT DT XL 0
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$ 1900.00
SL 350 HT RR XL 0
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$ 1700.00


For Kits 0
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