Bionicon C.Guide Chain Guide Long Term Review

We've been using Bionicon's 19-gram, $50 C.Guide chain guide for over a year now, in all kinds of conditions and on all kinds of trails. Read the full review to find out how it's performed.    Read More »

2012 Norco Sight 1 Extended Review

By Steve Sheldon and Chris Barker Introduction Back in May, I wrote some initial impressions on the Sight 1 by Norco, but like many short term bike reviews, it’s always a bit tricky to be totally objective when you are in the honeymoon phase, with a shiny new bike under you that is functioning p ...    Read More »


Owners see this as a temporary setback and an opportunity to be better; plans to rebuild are already well underway. Wofford Heights, California: Friday, September 18, not quite two weeks after its official Labor Day weekend opening, the Bionicon USA Headquarters and Demo Center in the Kern River ...    Read More »

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Full suspension Fatbike Build <-- Bionicon Ironwood <-- Cash

[COLOR=#ff0000][B]Current Issues in this Thread: [/B][/COLOR] [B]Rear Cassette: [/B]I'm looking for something with 3-6 cogs. I need something that will allow the cogs to be spaced out a lot! My dropouts are about 175mm wide. [B]DH Bash plate and Chain guide[/B]: I'm planning on fitting [URL="http: ... Read More »

Who on their 1xn drive has experimented with top guide+bionicon mech?

So, cleaning up my drivetrain to make it prettier, lighter and slicker running. Was using a short cage mech+gamut p20s full guide. This has been faultless, though a little ugly and heavy. Decided to go for a zee clutch mech to make things quieter, this had the effect of causing lots of drag on ... Read More »

Bionicon chain guide - use on upper chain line?

So I have an SC Nickel frame, and I have a Bionicon Chain Guide. The way that the chainstay is set up on the Nickel, it won't allow me to use the guide on the lower chain line like the guide is set up for. My question is can I still use the guide on the upper chain line? Will it cause issues? An ... Read More »

Bionicon C.Guide on SB66

So far it's been solid. Converted my 3x10 to 2x10 with a BBG Bashguard. Been testing it on bumpy trails and it's quiet. :thumbsup: [IMG][/IMG]Read More »

Bionicon C-Guide V2 breakage

I've broken 2 tubes that connect the aluminum frame to the seat stay. Bionicon recommended that I also put a zip tie in the middle of the tube so there are 3 ties holding it to the frame which I have done (not too tight--it is firm but not bending the tube) and I have ridden over 100 miles of rough ... Read More »

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Bionicon Product Categories

All Mountain Full Suspension

Edison 4.91
4   Reviews
Golden Willow 4.67
6   Reviews
Golden Willow Scandium 5
2   Reviews
Supershuttle 3.78
5   Reviews

Freeride Full Suspension

Ironwood 4.21
7   Reviews
Super Shuttle FR 4.78
2   Reviews

XC Hardtail

Frequency 5
1   Reviews



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