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BikeGlow Beacon Safety Light - Integrated Frame Light and Tail Light

This light incorporates the top selling and critically needed electroluminescent BikeGlow frame light with a high quality, integrated tail light. The entire unit, including the connectors, is waterproof, and has been tested in sub zero and over 110 degree temperatures. The Tail light can be disconne ...    Read More »

New Kickstarter Project Aims to End Bicycle Theft

Santa Cruz, Calif. - Admit it. You still miss that bicycle someone stole years ago. You never really got over it. And if you’ve been riding a bike long enough, you’ve got two or three stolen bicycles to mourn. A team of two-wheel enthusiasts feels your pain. They’re on a mission to end the scourg ...    Read More »

New Bicycle Frame Light Boosts Safety, Fun Factor

Newest Essential Gear for Winter Bicyclists Boosts Safety, Fun Factor $25 Bike Safety Light Makes Any Bicycle Frame Glow Santa Cruz, Calif. - As the days grow shorter, there’s a much bigger chance of bicycling in the dark, in the rain, and in the fog. Experienced bike commuters, road racers, and ...    Read More »

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