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Handmade Preview: Ritchey unveils Swiss Cross Disc CX bike at NAHBS

Ritchey gives us a sneak peak at what they'll be showing at this weekend's North American Handmade Bicycle Show, starting with the new Swiss Cross Disc.   Read More »

Round-Up: Four polar vortex-fighting mountain bike shoes to keep your feet warm and dry

We test four different winter MTB shoes to find the ideal kicks for wet, muddy and sub-freezing conditions.   Read More »

Review: Lifeproof frē smartphone case and bike mount

The Lifeproof frē is a slim case that is rugged and abuse proof, and can provide some serious protection from drops, dirt, water and snow, while still offering full access to the buttons, touchscreen, camera and phone.    Read More »

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Help choosing an XC bike on a tight budget

Hey fellow riders, new member here. Been doing some reading and watching of the Noob videos. Good stuff here. :thumbsup: I've been riding bikes my whole life, and as a kid would pull bikes out of the trash to fix up ride and sell. It's been years since I've ridden frequently though I've always ... Read More »

New bike - Hydraulic brakes too tight?

I just bought a new Trek that came with Hayes Dyno Hydraulic brakes. Went for the first ride today after taking off the wheels at the shop to fit in my car. About half way into a short ride the rear brake started squeaking. By picking up the rear wheel I could tell the brake was rubbing because it s ... Read More »

Tall Rider + Tall Bike = Big Disadvantage on tight trail ?

At 6'8" 225lbs (47YO) and mainly riding a 2011 Spec. Stumpjumper Single Speed (32x17) XXL 29er, I'm curious as to how much of a disadvantage tall guys are at when riding tight/ slow trails .....I know this is a very general question and so many variables, but curious if other's have input I usual ... Read More »

How tight are we on people selling bike related stuff?

This thread: [url]http://forums.mtbr.com/passion/my-bicycle-art-727768.html[/url] is promoting bike related art - with a request to PM for sales: [url]http://forums.mtbr.com/8296828-post10.html[/url] interesting stuff - clocks, business card holders.... there are 2 other members with lin ... Read More »

Bike shoes - How tight should they be?

Picked up my first pair of clipped shoes to go with the SPD XT 770 pedals. I bought the Shimano MT161G shoe. Problem is I'm not sure how they should fit and the local LBS wasn't much help. I wear a size 12 shoe and according to the sizing chart I should be in a 46 or 47. The 46 was easily too sma ... Read More »

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