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Cateye Nano Shot Plus Light and Stealth 50 GPS Computer

Cateye surprised us last year in the Bike LIghts Shootout. They sent a tiny 250 lumen light called the Nano Shot  and it blew us away with its form factor, quality, brightness and price.  It kind of reminded us that Cateye is a Japanese company that makes quality stuff. The feel of their products is ...    Read More »

Spy Shots: New inverted RockShox RS-1 fork

RockShox has left a trail of breadcrumbs leading to their new, high-zoot inverted RS-1 suspension fork—but they haven’t said anything officially. We look at the evidence, take some guesses and make our bets.    Read More »

Utah high school mountain biking takes off with the help of Scott Sports, Backcountry.com

Fast-growing Utah high school mountain bike league gets boost from Scott Sports and Backcountry.com sponsorships.    Read More »

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"Little Big Shot" Tucker.

This local kid Tucker, rode a Mountain Cycle Battery to victory at Sea Otter. :D Here's the writeup. [url]http://www.mountaincycle.com/2011/one-finger-up%E2%80%A6[/url]Read More »

Meet the "Little Big Shot" Tucker.

This kid is local to Las Vegas and one hot rider! Welcome to MC Tucker. :thumbsup: [url]http://www.mountaincycle.com/2011/one-finger-up%E2%80%A6[/url]Read More »

Salsa Big Mama pron shot

Built: 2009 Rock Shock Reba Race U-Turn Maxle 20mm, with poploc SRAM X-0 Trigger Shifters and Rear Derailler SRAM X-9 Front and SRAM Chain Thompson Seatback Post and Thompson Stem Salsa Pro Moto 11 Degree Carbon Flat Bar Specialized Phenom Ti Saddle Ergon grips Avid Ultimate Juicy Brakes ... Read More »

BIG Props Catch22 - Endorphin Cover Shot!!!

Dear Knolly Club, I just wanted to give a shot out to one of our very own, Catch22, for the cover shot in next month's Dirt Rag: [url]http://www.dirtragmag.com/print/issue.php?thumb_issue_number=139&iss=current[/url] Way to get the Endo out there in the open :D Congrats Bri!Read More »

I am a Big Shot now!

The box arrived this afternoon. Four hours later it was 99.99% ready to ride (I need ONE silly little washer for the crank arm bolt). [IMG]http://www.mtbtires.com/features/bikes/slingshot/bigshot.jpg[/IMG] Big Wheel and I are doing a little trading - design services for the frame, fork, wheels ... Read More »

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