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The Angry Singlespeeder: Fat Bikes. Meh.

Does the added expense and time investment of buying and maintaining a fat bike justify its overall fun and usefulness?    Read More »

Crank Brothers 2014 Cobalt 11 27.5 and 29er Carbon Wheels

Crank Brothers has two new versions of their Cobalt 11 carbon wheels for 2014 including the new 27.5 size and redesigned 29er version. Rim profiles have been changed and are now wider and taller improving strength and stiffness.    Read More »

Breck Epic Stage 6: Exhilarated and Exhausted

The final stage of the Breck Epic wraps up with two trips over the Continental Divide.    Read More »

Read More »

Help: Frame Swap Difficult? Bianchi Sok > Niner Rip 9

[B][/B]Hey guys, Can someone help with some guidance on the difficulty and likely cost to convert my hardtail 29er to a FS fame? I know its usually better to sell/purchase complete bikes, but if this isn't too hard/expensive, i'd love to add rear suspension. [B]Source Bike: 2009 Bianchi Sok ... Read More »

Vintage Bianchi picture thread

Lets see those Celeste beauties!Read More »

Looking for a Bianchi PUSS XL frame w/ pink original fork as a bonus.

Anybody out there, in the internets have an XL Bianchi PUSS frameset that's not wrecked for sale? I will pay a fair amount. Please contact me @Bodatoosh@gmail.com. Thanks, TimRead More »

Geo Gurus: best rigid fork for Bianchi Rita?

I have a 2007 Bianchi Rita that I bought new. it's one of the best riding bikes I've ever been on & I doubt I'll ever get rid of it. I feel like its geo is spot on for me & my riding style. however, the Reba fork that's on it is starting to bug me. I just keep rebuilding it and I feel like I use the ... Read More »

Bianchi Steel Classic Volpe cyclocross

I'm thinking of purchasing the bike. Can I simply replace the CRANKSET FSA Vero Triple 50/39/30, with the Shimano SLX M660 crankset?Read More »

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Bianchi Product Categories

2002 Hardtail

D.I.S.S. 4.23
26   Reviews

29er Hardtail

Jab 29.3 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00
Methanol 29 SL 0
0   Reviews
$ 1649.00
Sok 29er Multi-Speed 4
9   Reviews
Sok 29er Single Speed 4.13
16   Reviews





MUSS 3.88
16   Reviews
$ 849.99


Milano Summer Collection Asfalto 0
0   Reviews
$ 13.98
Milano Winter Collection Legnano 0
0   Reviews
$ 19.99

XC Hardtail

Doss 5100 0
0   Reviews
$ 549.00
Doss 5200 0
0   Reviews
$ 679.00
Methanol 27.5 SL 0
0   Reviews
$ 2200.00
Mutt 7700 4.5
2   Reviews
Ruck 2600 0
0   Reviews
$ 379.00
Ruck 2800 5
1   Reviews
$ 429.00




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