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Boothstorming Sea Otter: Index Ink combines creativity, art and mountain bikes at Sea Otter Classic

Index Ink paints giant mural at Sea Otter over the course of four days drawing attention to its lifestyle apparel while sidestepping the clichés.    Read More »

Just In: Ergon GE1 Grips

The new GE1 grip follows along the design’s concepts of their existing GA1 series of grips. The grip was developed for gravity specific mountain biking, and it utilizes two rubber compounds for damping purposes and a textured section which works opposite the direction of hand rotation to help for a ...    Read More »

Feature: I Should Stretch

What are 4 stretches you can do in about 15 minutes that will address cycling specific muscle tightness?  Try this for 2 weeks and do it 3-4 times a week.  Feel the difference?  I bet you will.   Read More »

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Bent Shadow Plus Derailleur

Hello, I have an XT Shadow+ derailleur RD-M786 on my Trance X29er 0. On the last ride I somehow managed to bend the derailleur beyond repair, however the aluminium hanger remains straight. I have bent hangers before, and they are usually accompanied with a bit of noise when the the offending obje ... Read More »

Can a bent rim be straightened

I did some riding in Mammoth for the first time recently and came back with a pretty good wobble in my rear wheel. My bike is an inexpensive Marin HT with the stock rims. I was riding the basic green and blue trails and the braking bumps were allot worse than expected. Being a novice rider I was sp ... Read More »

2 bent rims in 2 months

I'm a beginner and I'm not a big guy. I'm 5'4" 140lbs maybe w/ gear on. I have a 2013 Specialized Camber 29er. Within 3 weeks of riding I bent the front rim. Got another wheel ($80 alex rim) Bent that one yesterday. I bought a $90 Sta-True TNT wheel. What killed my alex rim was jumping a log and l ... Read More »

Safe to ride a bent wheel after repaired?

I have some new wheels. I set them up tubeless, rode them once and then the bike sat for over a week. This past weekend I was in a 24 hours race. Before my lap, I added some air to the tire. up to 34 lbs. then went out on my lap. After 15 minutes into my lap I was coming down the first down hill ... Read More »

Lost in Bent Creek

Lost black&yellow tool pouch @ BC Sunday 7/14. Has two unique dropout/derailleur hangers I'd like to get back if anyone finds.Read More »

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