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The Angry Singlespeeder: The Mountain Bike Hall of Fame doesn't deserve to be in Fairfax

Mountain biking may have been born in the hills above Fairfax, but due to a vocal and powerful group that restricts mountain bike access, that’s all it can claim.   Read More »

Compare-O Bottom Line: Ultimate one bike quiver? The $10k Santa Cruz 5010 Carbon might be it

You won’t win the Enduro World Series on this bike, but you could ride it just about anywhere in the world.   Read More »

Viral Video: How To Be A Mountain Biker

Awesome, funny video from the crew at NSMB on "How to be a Mountain Biker". Check out the 29 steps and let us know if you have steps of your own!   Read More »

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I don't wanna be THAT guy, but...

I really don't wanna be THAT guy, but, I need some help planning a trip. Cliffs: OP has about a week to ten days, but doesn't have to ride every day. Maybe 75% of the time. August 13th to 22nd or so. I ride a Santa Cruz Tallboy LT, but I'm a clyde from sea level. 30 or so miles a d ... Read More »

Some pictures of long bikes, and shop equipment for those who might be bored.

TrailMaker John sent me an email today, and after hearing from him, I thought I'd post a few pictures of some goings-on. I'm moving my personal shop as I bought a different house. I quite like moving machines. [URL=http://s1208.photobucket.com/user/Whipsmartfab/media/Tandems%20etc/Moving1_z ... Read More »

When will the XS size be avalible in other models

My girlfriend is 5'2" and loves her size SMALL Giant XTC29-1, but there is a degree of compromise and monkeying around to fit that bike for her. When I read that NINER was offering the EMD9 in XS, I guessed that other (lighter) models would follow, but NOT YET. I'd buy an air nine in a heartbeat if ... Read More »

What should be my next step?

I started mountain biking in march. I have a 2013 raleigh talus 4.0 I've done a few cross country races with poor results. I'm unsure on upgrading components or buying a new bike. I'm looking at a specialized carve pro 29. But unsure if I should buy a new bike or just upgrade my raleigh which is a 2 ... Read More »

Can 90's XT dual brake / shifter be separated (brake only)

How do you separate them? I'm trying out a 1x8 setup in my old Marin pine mtn and would like to reuse as much as possible. ChadRead More »

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