Barnetts Bicyle Institute

just wondering if anyone here has attended this school. im thinking about going this summer and was wondering if anayone had any advice/tips on lodging etc.? looks like a cool place but i dunno if i wanna pay an extra grand for a place to stay for a month. maybe a hostel or something of the sort in ... Read More »

Facing a BB shell - Need Barnetts manual pages

Just wondering if anybody has the Barnetts/Sutherlands manual pages that define the process of facing a bb shell. I have a "bet" to settle because I say that both sides of a bb shell need to be tapped and faced at the same time. The tools pilot one another for a reason. This ensures that the bb ... Read More »

Barnetts Bike Manual

Can anyone point me in the right direction. I am looking to download the whole Barnetts Bike Manual in pdf. All the links I have found so far are dead. I have found the few sample chapters on the Barnett web site. I am sure somone out there can help me. CheersRead More »


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