Bar Mitts Review

Reviewed by Brian Mullin Bar Mitts are neoprene hand covers for cold weather riding, that attach to your handlebars, and provide enough protection and warmth, that a lighter glove can be worn. I was intrigued by the Bar Mitts idea, since it reminded me of my Kayak ...    Read More »

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Below is a comprehensive list of all the Pro Review articles available on -THE LIST! Index of Bikes, Parts, & Gear with Pro Reviews- Bikes: 29er Shootout 2008»» -Banshee Paradox 29er -Bionicon Edison LTD -BMC FS01 -Cannondale Moto 2 -Cannondale Rize -Cannonda ...    Read More »

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Bar Mitts on drops with non-aero levers?

I'd like to use them on my vintage style drops (deeeep) with non-aero levers. The barmitts have a shimano/campag option along with large/small. My levers are shimano, but does it matter, since they're old-style? Will they even fit without messing with my cables or am I going to have to pony up for a ... Read More »

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