Review: BAMF Shit Kicker 29er

Say what you will about BAMF’s cocksure marketing approach, the Shit Kicker turns heads and is a standout value at only $1,999.   Read More »

Just In: BAMF Shit Kicker 29er

We unpack the BAMF Shit Kicker and give our first impressions on this boldly marketed carbon 29er.   Read More »

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Anyone rode BAMF bikes

It looks like I will be going the online route to get a new 29er. I was planning on getting the Goblin from Airborne but Giantnerd has some good prices on a brand I'd never heard of. Anyone rode BAMF? The BAMF Sucker Punch looks like a ton of stuff for arouind $800 bucks and the BAMF Kimura looks pr ... Read More »

BAMF Bikes?????????????????

Hey all, I am new to the mountain bike world, 29er's in particular, but am looking into getting my first. I have a relatively small budget ($600-700) and I realize that I won't be able to get all the best stuff in a bike at this price. I also understand the "LBS" argument but I work with several a ... Read More »

BAMF Bikes

Anybody have experience with BAMF bikes. Looking at one and don't really know anything about it. Really interested but hesitant buying a bike online that I cant try out first. Here is the bike I'm looking at. [URL][/URL]Read More »

BAMF Bikes. Anybody?

While searching the web for a new bike a buddy of mine stumbled onto GiantNerd and BAMF Bikes. They seem very well specd for the doe. Is anyone familiar or does anyone own one of these? Hes really digging the Suckerpunch but im pretty sceptical about mail ordering bikes but might these be an excepti ... Read More »

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