Review: POC Trabec Race Helmet

It's not the lightest or the most full-featured helmet around and it can get rather expensive at $220 for the MIPs model. But a distinctive design, attention to quality and a commitment to safety research is making this one of the most popular helmets in the All Mountain scene.    Read More »

Video: Jerome Clementz and Ben Cruz on the New Cannondale Trigger 29 Carbon

Watch this video of World Enduro Champion Jerome Clementz and teammate Ben Cruz rockin' the Cannondale Trigger 29 Carbon on some scenic, enduro trails in France.   Read More »

Interbike 2013: Pearl Izumi

For 2014 Pearl Izumi is finally releasing their X Project shoes, along with the new Alp-X Enduro shoe. They have a few new apparel items, including the MTB Bariier wind jacket, and Journey jersey and shorts, and new colors for the Launch shorts.   Read More »

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Big Ups to Ballistic!!

So I waited to send in my MS battery hoping that maybe after things slowed down I wouldn't have to wait too long. What I am reading has me nervous, so I started looking into options like building my own, having Batt+ do one or doing the LiPo RC battery thing (making another charger purchase-bad) an ... Read More »

Smear some shiat on a taxi driver and they go ballistic...

Blow a hundred of 'em up and not a peep. What gives? Iraq:41 Lebanon:2+ Algeria:31 and rising. SO what's worse, a Westerner giving a terrorist a shiat massage, or a terrorist blowing up a market?Read More »

A good post on why Wingers are going ballistic on Gore

It's because as Gore is lauded, it shows how much Bush is hated. It's an inversely proportional relationship: [URL=""]Link[/URL] [SIZE="5"]The Anti-Bush[/SIZE] As conservative apoplexy over Al Gore's earned honors continues, there are two terrific o ... Read More »

Oakley Ballistic 3.6

On sale @ steepandcheap! Going fast!Read More »

Oakley Ballistic 3.6 - $37.50

SAC [URL=""][/URL]Read More »

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