In Search Of A Balfa Belair - Size Long - Can you help?

Hello, This may seem like a sort of weird request, but I'm in search of a Long Balfa Belair frame or frame and fork combination. I used to rep part time for Balfa here in Connecticut and owned a regular Belair for a bit. Always had fun on that bike, but I should have bought a Long from the start ... Read More »

Question on the current value of a Balfa 2-Step frame

I have three Balfa Two-step frames at the moment (Use to have two BB7 too). One my girlfriend is riding, the other two are my size, but I feel kind of redundant to have a 2-stepFR and a 2-stepHD since they cover pretty much the same spectrum, So I'm thinking of selling the FR to get my girl a lig ... Read More »

paid spam, balfa minuteman hardtail

don't know if we're still allowed to post these, but the mods will do as they choose. [url][/url] calgary locals would be sweet....Read More »

Balfa BB7

Hey guys. I was looking around on buy'sell places, wasnt too serious about buying anything because I didnt think I would find something in my price range but I found this. A 2003 Balfa BB7. The guy said he was looking for a hardtail so he would trade me for my Morphine frame, and I'd only have to ... Read More »

new (to me) build - Balfa sickness

hey all, i just finished building up my ride for 2007's freeriding and dh runs. let me know what you think first to guess the frame and its age, wins a big pat on the back (hint hint --> check the headtube decal) action shots will follow as soon as the 2'+ of snow meltsRead More »


Balfa Product Categories

2002 Full Suspension

Belair 4.1
8   Reviews
$ 2379.00

Armor and Pads

PRO-2000 5
2   Reviews
$ 309.00

Bike 1998 or Older

Nouveau Riche 0
0   Reviews
$ 4500.00

Bottom Bracket

Acros HT2 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00

Downhill Full Suspension

2-Step HD 3.6
1   Reviews


Minute Man 5
22   Reviews
NR 4.8
5   Reviews
Wooly Bully 4.17
6   Reviews

Freeride Full Suspension

2-Step 4X 5
0   Reviews
2-Step FR 4.5
2   Reviews

Full Suspension Bike

1999 Nouveau Riche 5
2   Reviews
$ 2649.00
2001 2Step 4.33
4   Reviews
2001 BB7 4.73
9   Reviews
2001 Wooly Bully 0
0   Reviews

Hardtail Bike

2001 MinuteMan 0
0   Reviews

XC Full Suspension

Belair 0
0   Reviews



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