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Niterider 1800 vs Baja Designs DBL Strykr

I posted a thread before asking for input regarding Baja Designs vs Niterider. I want to narrow it down. I am going to get the Baja Designs Stykr SL for my helmet and I've been looking into getting either the Niterider pro 1800 or the Baja Designs Double Strykr for my handlebars. They both have ... Read More »

Baja Designs Strykr SL on sale $199.95

Just wanted to let everyone out there in MTBRville know that we are having a sale currently on our Strykr series systems and will be going Ludicrous Speed cheap on the Strykr SL in particular this weekend for Black Friday through till the end of Cyber Monday. Regular MSRP is $339.95 on the Stryk ... Read More »

Baja Designs Double Stryk 1800 Lumens or Serfas True 1500

I have come down to these two lights and need to make a decision. How are these lights for a bar mounted flood light? What are your experiences with them? I also want to know if the Baja light is made in the USA.Read More »

Baja Designs Double Strykr & SL Review

The Double Strykr AWESOME...just to give you an idea, turn on your bright car headlights on a dark road and now at least double the distance you can see ahead, that would be with the Double Strykr . I did this with a Chevy truck in a field. Chevy truck a good 75 yards, the double strykr 150 yards aw ... Read More »

Baja Designs vs Niterider

I am thinking about getting some LED lights. One for the handlebars and one for the helmet. I have only used NIterider in the past with both their halogens and HIDs. They are a great company to deal with for customer service. I know BD is known for their off-road lights and have heard only good ... Read More »


Baja Designs Product Categories


Double Stryk 5
4   Reviews
$ 449.95
Squadron 0
0   Reviews
$ 300.00
Strykr II 5
2   Reviews
$ 299.95
Strykr SL 5
3   Reviews
$ 339.95


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