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Any Aztec folks out there?

Thinking of relocating (family of 4), and wanted to hear from anyone that lives in or near the Aztec / Farmington area with regards to cost of living, schools (we have a 6th,and10th grader ), crime and just overall quality / enjoyment of life. I am curious about the outdoor recreation opportunuitie ... Read More »

Are Aztec Teflon coated wires worth it?

I went to pull my X.7 shifters off a bike I'm selling and put it on my trail bike that has factory SX.5 on it. Since I'm pulling the shifters, I figure, I might as well buy new wires. For my bike (iDrive 4) I found that Performance had Aztec Teflon coated wires for $4.99 each. I bought 2 for my b ... Read More »

Alien Run race in Aztec, NM this Sunday, May 2nd

Anybody on here doing the Alien Race in Aztec, NM this Sunday, May 2nd? jRead More »

Juicy 7, Aztec Pads, Weak Spring

I've had a lot of trouble with my Juicy 7s since I put in new pads, organic from Aztec. Lots of rubbing, impossible to adjust properly, noise, squeaking, etc. Turns out the H spring was weak (or weakened over time), allowing the pads to canter in at the opening. I replaced the pads and spring and ... Read More »

Alien Run Mtn Bike Race in Aztec, NM

The Alien Run Mtn Bike Race in Aztec, NM will take place April 26,2009 [url]http://www.alienrun.com/index.htm[/url] It looks like just ability groups, if enough single speeds show they will make a class.Read More »


Aztec Product Categories

Brake Pad

Pads 2.72
68   Reviews
$ 29.00

Brake Rotors

Rotor 0
0   Reviews
$ 18.00


Powerlines ATB Brake 0
0   Reviews
$ 21.99
Teflon Cables 2.06
17   Reviews
$ 5.49

Disc Brake System

Rotor 0
0   Reviews
$ 18.00


Vibe Handlebar Pillows 0
0   Reviews
$ 24.99
Vibe Wrap Bar Tape System 0
0   Reviews
$ 23.98




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