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Hello, I'm shopping for a set of light (handlebar + helmet) for riding technical singletracks and I'm looking for advices regarding the Ay-up Adventure V4 lights. Many reviews say they're amazing, bright, light, etc... and I've also read some comments about the lower light output compared to oth ... Read More »

Lupine v. Ay-Up ?

Looking at the Lupine Piko 3 and the Ay-Up Adventure kit. Throw an extra battery at the Lupine (to match the kit) and the price is pretty close. I'm really liking the idea of the small and lightweight, and the not mondo-expensivo "replacement" batteries is a plus. I know it's not a Betty with 3 ... Read More »

Ay-up alternative for Adventure Racers- Pro DIY

Quite a few of my adventure racing compatriots are talking about a bulk order of Ay-up lights. They're nice and small, with good helmet and headband mounts, but have poor software and regulation. Also not cheap. The Night Lightning has a much better UI, is rugged and well supported, but it's big ... Read More »

Best AY-UP Beam Combo???

Hey guys, i'm looking to buy the Ay Up V4 Adventure kit & need advice on the best beam combo to go for. I'm looking at either narrow & intermediate or narrow & medium. In the the photos (looking at the bottom 2) in the below link, narrow/intermediate on high looks like it whites/washes out some o ... Read More »

Ay Up

Can I get these somewhere in the States or do they only come from AUS?Read More »


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Ultra Lite 0
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$ 226.15
V4 Adventure 4.9
10   Reviews
$ 457.19
V8 Explorer 0
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$ 845.37




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