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Eastern States Cup Race #6 at Plattekill Bike Park

Eastern States Cup Race #6 at Plattekill Bike Park Featuring The Hookit.com and Monster Energy Spots and Sessions Tour The Eastern States Cup #6 DH MTB Series Race marks the halfway point in the series for 2011 at Plattekill Bike Park. What better way to mark this weekend than to race at Plattekill ...    Read More »

Tara Llanes: The Heart of a Champion

By James Herrera, Tara's coach and close friend As she lays in a hospital bed following a seven hour surgery to the back and spinal cord, one of Tara’s doctors enters the room to explain the use of the Incentive Spiromter, a device frequently utilized in the medical community to test the health of ...    Read More »

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What is Like an Axo

I have these nearly worn out Axo gloves that are the best gloves I have ever owned. They are full finger, un-padded, suade palmed, jersy material backed, with an elastic wrist band and terry thumb. They are thin, cool, and light. Very minimalistic. So now that Axo is not around anymore... do ... Read More »

Axo Old School!

Where can I sell these? Any ideas? Any Old School Retro MTB sites out there for vintage clothing! heh-heh:D These are perfect! Is Greg Herbold still alive!?:confused: ;) ... He might want em!?:thumbsup:Read More »

AXO helmets? any good?

So has anyone heard of these helmets? and if so will they protect my head well, I've already had one concusion <---(spelling) and don't feel like having another.Read More »

Protective: Axo vs. Fox vs. Rockgardn

I am looking for a full upper body protective solution. Seems like the following are all about the same price: Axo Air Cage Pro Fox Launch Suit Rockgardn Flak Jacket Anyone have any experience/advice on these or other brands?Read More »

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