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avocet touring ll

Recently someone was looking for one of these and I can't find the thread. I thought I had one but only have Touring l's..sorry.Read More »

Avocet Touring II

I have a '86 Fisher Montare that's in great shape, but it needs the period correct saddle to be complete. From what I can tell, it came originally with a Avocet Touring II saddle. I was wondering if anyone has one of these that they'd be willing to sell? I'd like it to be in good condition. So ... Read More »

Replacements for Avocet Cross II 26 x 1.25""

I commute about 30-miles a day and am getting to the point where my Avocet Cross II K 26 x 1.25's are about shot. I need to replace them. Would be GREAT to find another new set of these. Anyone know where they can be had, if at all? Otherwise, can someone please give me a good recommendation ... Read More »

Avocet seat questions...Rumpfy????

Does anyone have any kind of timeline on Avocet seats? Like the Touring, Touring II, Touring III, Racing etc. And were they originally all Leather covered? When did the Vinyl covered ones start? thanx guys.. I thought Rumpfy might know, as obsessed with seats as he seems to be :DRead More »

Avocet 30 Sending units?

Hi- I know this is probably a question that should really go in the classified section, but I think it is much better suited to you guys. I saw a lady at a bike shop the other day with an Avocet 30 on her bars, with the cable for it all wrapped around the bars as well. The magnet ring was on the ... Read More »


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