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? about text above avitar and below screen name

:madman: how do you change it from mtbr member to something you want??? I don't see it in my account. Is it post related? I no longer ride a Giant...sadly.Read More »

Anyone heard of "Avitar" bikes?

So today at the shop I worked on a bike that's apparently called an "Avitar Expert." Having only looked at the name of the bike on the repair ticket but not the ACTUAL bike, I thought it must just be some generic K-Mart special that no one has ever heard of. But I walk to the back room to pull the ... Read More »

fo's new avitar... found!

i was just watchin a 125cc fim race from italy on speed. the background for the podium finishers interview had a interesting logo from A Style plastered all over it and i immediately thought of fo and his mom for some reason. here ya go pal! yer new avitar.Read More »

what sig for my new avitar?

ill be damned if i can find where i change it. been lookin for 3 days and ive got nuthin. a little help please. i have a idea for what i want it to say but new ideas are always fun. this oughtta get interesting!Read More »

Who had the avitar of that hippy guy whacking the tamboreen?

..Or whaterver he was hitting..and maybe it was`nt a hippy but anyway, just wondering where that avitar went, it was funny.:)Read More »





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