Ashima 2013

The Ashima virtuoso Wayne Moore had some tasty tidbits he brought with him from Taiwan, including a new floating rotor, an updated two-piece rotor, and a revised PCB. His minimalist rotors have a cult following, and they are light weight and perform well, and they're backed up by his long expertise ...    Read More »

Ashima AiNeon

The technical virtuoso at Ashima, Wayne Moore, had a couple of interesting multi layer rotors on display in his booth at Interbike 2011, including the Matrix and Spider Rider. He is always poking around with new brake designs and lightweight brake rotors, and I was surprised at the simple design of ...    Read More »

Shootout: One Long Race, Four Bikes Compared

Racing four different Santa Cruz bikes for this year’s TBF 50 Miler in Granite Bay! The Tallboy would start off the shenanigans, while saving the speedy Highball for the end.   Read More »

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Ashima AiRotorand zee?

Do these work well together? I like the red on the rotors and plan on purchasing the zee in a month or so. I am a pretty big guy and thats why I am looking at zee with 203mm rotors, but want a bit of bling also.Read More »

Ashima 203mm or SLX SM-RT66L?

I am upgrading my shimano m445 with 203mm rotors as I need more stopping power. I am a big guy and looking at these two, they seem like a good price. I like the red accents on the ashima, but if they are not quality the rt66l will do. Has anyone used either of these? I will eventually be upgrading m ... Read More »

Ashima PCB

Anyone else buy ashima pancake brakes and waiting for or know anything about the free upgrade ashima is supposed to be offering???Read More »

What is best brake pad to use with Ashima Airotor?

I am going to give Airotor a try. Anyone have any experience with these? I read review that you need to use 'sintered' pads? I have Shimano SLX on my 2012 superfly AL elite - stock pads seem in good shape so far - will start with what is on it. Any feedback from what pads did or didn't work ... Read More »

Brake pad too far out on BB7 with 140mm Ashima Airotor

I've been running BB7s with 160mm rotors for a while but just moved to a 140mm Ashima Airotor in the back. The brake pad is too far out relative to the rotor (by about 2 mm), so the outer edge of the pad is not touching the rotor at all. What's going on? Maybe the rotor is undersized (sorry, should ... Read More »

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