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Compare-O Bottom Line: Yeti SB95C is a gorgeous high-speed weapon

Captivating looks, big wheels and the simple yet innovative Switch suspension set the Yeti SB95C apart. Take a deep-dive into it’s performance here.    Read More »

Video: Mt. Olympus Freeride Downhill Experience

Check out this video from Action Bike Club in Greece. The guys decided to film their "Freeride Downhill Experience" of descending Mt. Olympus on bikes, through lightning and hail, even.   Read More »

Electric Mountain Bikes - Friend or Foe?

After decades of being lumped together with dirt bikes as motorized vehicles, mountain bikes may be facing a new challenge with the advent of powerful electric mountain bikes.   Read More »

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Howdy ya'll!! Ritchey Ascent...

1985, 100% original (minus tires) and stunning red. Even 20inch frame which happens to be my size. Cool or not? Not quite the mystique of the fillet brazed beauties but darn nice none the less... :)Read More »

Can you view total elevation ascent real-time with Edge 500?

Hey guys, for some reason I'm not seeing this option in the menus. I see where you can view the grade you're ascending/descending, and the ft per hour (which I believe changes depending on how fast you're going) but I don't see total gain. I always have to wait find out later when I've upload my d ... Read More »

Early Diamondback Ascent frame

Salvaged this from a scrap metal-man in the alley not long ago. It had a gross old rusty wheelset on it and some frayed lines but I saw some real potential for a future alley-hopper. Looking through the Ascent line, or at least what images I can find, i don't see a lot with the matching bars, an ... Read More »

Haiti Ascent Stage Race

[url=http://mtbayiti.org/about/]MTB Ayiti | About[/url] [url=http://adventureblog.nationalgeographic.com/tag/haiti-ascent-mountain-bike-stage-race/]Haiti Ascent Mountain Bike Stage Race – Beyond the Edge[/url]Read More »

Tomorrow! Specialized Demo Colorado Springs with Ascent Cycling, Palmer Park 8/4

When: Saturday August 4th, 9:00am to 3:00pm Where: Palmer Park, at the corner of Academy and Maizeland Come join the Specialized mountain bike demo rig and Ascent Cycling for a sunny August demo on the 4th. We now have all mountain bikes, and even more of them, including the Epic 29er, Camber 29 ... Read More »

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