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Review: Demon Knee and Elbow Soft Cap Pro X D3O soft armor

The Demon Knee Soft Cap Pro X D3O is an exceptional piece of soft armor, that is comfortable, and allows long pedaling sessions without binding and irritation issues.    Read More »

Interbike 2013 - Seven iDP Armor

The Seven iDP Armor, includes the top of the line Tactic knee, elbow and knee/shin with Boa Closures, the Control suit, knee and elbow, the tuneable Covert knee and elbow, and lastly, the Transition suit. The 7iDP armor is highly innovative and should provide lots of protection and safety in any typ ...    Read More »

Review: POC VPD 2.0 Knee and Elbow Armor

Overall, the Joint VPD 2.0 Knee and Elbow are great products, since they use the excellent VPD 2.0 material with its shock absorption and pre-bent molding, and have overbuilt construction, rugged stitching and materials; all which make for a durable, comfortable and safe armor product.   Read More »

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Fox Racing Titan Sport SS Jacket Upper Body Armor

Hi all, Just started doing some DH on my all-mtn Rocky Mtn Slayer this year and it's addicting! I've been to Whistler and just tried out Sun Peaks last weekend and crashed pretty hard on a friggin steep blue trail (haven't tried a black yet). I was wearing a 661 FF, MACE knee/shin armor and POC ... Read More »

DH upper body armor combinations that are Leatt brace compatible. What's yours?

Hey guys. So this is a thread to discuss what DH specific upper body combinations are working for people that are neck brace compatible. It is a tough choice attempting to find the right combination of gear to wear that will be comfortable, manageable, not overkill, and reasonably cool. [B]Post wha ... Read More »

Should we wear body armor?

My wife and I, along with our 7 year old daughter, are going to Snowshoe Ski Resort in July for some downhill riding. We are enrolled in their "Family Clinic" for a day of downhill lessons. This will be our first experience with downhill, as we typically ride singletrack. I am enrolled in private ... Read More »

anyone using the Troy lee 7850 body armor shirt

I broke my clavicle a few Weeks ago so I'm looking for something that'll help. I only ride xc with some down hill. My rides last around three to four hrs.. And I would like to know if it's vented well or any suggestions. ThanksRead More »

I want armor that does not make me look like a hot shot.

I had a bad crash this weekend. From now on, I'd like to wear more than just a helmet and kneepads. However, I'm a novice rider. I prefer fire roads to single track. I don't go particularly fast. My problem is that if I wear more pads and a full face helmet, I'll look like some sort of wanabe DH rac ... Read More »

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