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New seatpost rack from Arkel - any thoughts?

I'm still trying to figure out a way to carry a small load (around 10 pounds) on singletrack and off my back. This is a unique seatpost rack. Looks like it will stay put. Other than the weight being slightly higher than a traditional rack, I don't see any downsides (I don't use panniers, just a ... Read More »

Arkel vs. Jannd

I've owned the Jannd paniers and there pretty nice, I've heard the quality has slipped over the years though, and I've did a Google search and I happened to come across the Arkel bags, they seem a little more expensive than Jannd, but they look really well made. Does anyone have any experience w/ th ... Read More »

Arkel Seat Bag

Hi Does anyone know where the best price on an Arkel seat bag is? Preferably in southern ontario, waterloo or toronto area? thanx CharlesRead More »


Arkel Product Categories


Seatbag 5
1   Reviews
$ 31.00
Utility Basket 0
0   Reviews
$ 109.00
XM 28 Extreme Mountain Panniers 0
0   Reviews
$ 209.00
XM 45 Extreme Mountain Panniers 0
0   Reviews
$ 275.00


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