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What's the deal with Appalache cycles?

I heard rumors when they came onto the scene that they'd be making some other frames in addition to the Real. It's been two years and there hasn't been any update on their website. Is this company still around? I know Appalache used to be Balfa, I've been wanting to get one of their frames but I don ... Read More »

What is up with Appalache Cycles ?

Im thinking about a new frame, and since i love my old Balfa bb7 im looking at the Appalache Real. But when i have been surfing the net for information on the frame i came across some sad ****. I read on another bike forum (ridemonkey i think) that Jérome wont be making any more bikes. Then i read ... Read More »

Appalache Real

Here it is, the only one on the west coast of Canada. 10lbs as shown, soon to be even lighter with a DHX Air. Just over 9" of travel. If anyone knew Balfas, this is the product of one of Balfas former builders, Jerome Roy.Read More »

Balfa and Appalache

I've been admiring the Appalache bike and remembering of my old BB7. My question is, aside from a drastic reduction of weight, Isn't this functionally the same bike? I'm not complaining, I just thought that design was bought by someone in the UK.Read More »

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