Riding the Honda Grom with Brian Lopes

Riding (and racing) a bike of a different category and an interview with Brian Lopes. Honda's new Grom isn't a mountain bike but it will appeal to riders of all kinds.   Read More »

Schwalbe 2013 Tires - Hans Dampf, Rocket Ron, Nobby Nic

By Brian Mullin and Francis Cebedo For the 2013 product year, they'll have most of the model range in 29er sizes (except gravity tires), and 650B will get the Hans Dampf, Nobby Nic, Racing Ralph, Rapid Rob and Rocket Ron. It's nice to see Schwalbe stepping up to the plate with a big chunk of th ...    Read More »

Continental 2013 - 650B X-King, Kaiser DH, Cyclo X-King Tubular and Clincher Tires

Continental released a few tidbits of their 2013 product line for the Eurobike and Interbike shows: CONTINENTAL DER KAISER RAMMSTEIN The Rammstein is the culmination of almost two years of R&D between Continental Engineers and Conti sponsored gravity riders like the Athertons and Riche ...    Read More »

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PSA - Bear on Apex EF Mon 7/22/13 @ 6am

Just a PSA, our good buddy went on an early AM ride today and saw a decent sized bear on EF. It got his attention for sure as it would any of us. He was up on the top of the second/root climb section and the bear was heading down the trail with its back to him. He stayed still for a few minutes un ... Read More »

Front Derailleur Adjustment - Switching from Apex 50/34 to X.0 42/28 crankset

Hello, all. I recently decided to swap out the drive train on my homebrew Salsa Vaya. I'm going from Apex to X.0 as it suits my use better. My problem is that I cannot for the life of me get the front derailleur properly adjusted. I have a SRAM X.9 2x10 low clamp front derailleur which I bought ... Read More »


What is the best tire for shuttling Apex? My current tires were a little squirrelly at 35 MPH so I'm looking for something else.Read More »

Give Your Input on Apex Park Trailhead Improvements

[FONT=sans-serif]Come weigh in on proposed trailhead improvements at Apex Park, and give your thoughts on Jefferson County Open Space pursuing the idea of constructing a "Mountain Bike Skills Trail" at one of our parks. See Details Below: Thursday, March 21, 5:30-7:30 PM [/FONT] [FONT=sans-serif]A ... Read More »

How are trail conditions at Apex and/or white ranch right now?

Thinking about coming down from Boulder tomorrow, not really sure how snowy or quick drying those trails are. Anybody check them out in the last few days?Read More »

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