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How many animal activists are on this forum?

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=rlue8sdYhSA]Tim Sappington Murders Horse On Camera with Message 'Fuck You' ARA's - YouTube[/url] Viewer discretion is advised. I'm so sad at people who think this is right. Absolutely terrible.Read More »

Animal Hamilton Pedals (metal)?

I need to pick platform pedals for my new 2011 Trek X-Cal. The LBS where I am getting the bike is trying to talk me into Animal Hamilton's (the metal ones, sealed, not the plastic). I can't reall find any reviews on them. The spikes look a bit short, which I guess is good for my shins. They are $65, ... Read More »

Scary animal encounters

Would like to hear some stories of scary animal encounters you might have experianced out on the trails. Myself, I live in Wyoming. In case you don't know we have the lowest population in the country, lots of mountains, and lots of public lands. That means I see critters a lot on the remote trails I ... Read More »

What's the scariest encounter with an animal you have had?

Just wondering how many people have encountered themselves in a rather dangerous situation with an animal here in the beautiful SoCal trails. I have actually had 2 scary encounters. The first time I was going downhill near Marshall Canyon and almost crashed into a deer that decided to cross my pa ... Read More »

Hummngbird, animal or stage coach in Simi valley Thursday at 6pm

A group of people and I are meeting tomorrow at the bike shack at rocky peak (google for address or ask me if you need it) at 6pm. Still not sure which trail we will do but it is usually animal and stage coach or hummingbird. Just show up if you want to ride.Read More »


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