Amsoil, Shock Therapy

Hello, has anyone use Amsoil's Shock Therapy? I need to change the oil in my Fox Fit RL, has seals on the way so I have time to decide which oil is best. I am thinking of using Mobil 1 in the spring leg, and either Amsoil, Maxima, or other in the dampening leg. Any suggestions are greatly ... Read More »

Anyone tried AMSOIL Fork oil???

I know their products are suppose to be fantastic. Anyone tried this and have something to report??? I found a website and they are selling for about $10 A QUART.Read More »

Amsoil shock therapy?

I was browsing the Amsoil site for some fork oil I will need to service my Pike and noticed they have a suspension specific product called Shock Therapy. Was going to buy standard 5wt but this looked interesting? [url][/url] Anyone have experience with ... Read More »

Anyone use Amsoil?

I know they make the best motor oil out there, but i was wondering if anyone has used any of their other products on their bike (chain lube)? I am currently using prolink and i am happy, but Amsoil makes a great product and I am always looking for an upgrade! Thanks :DRead More »




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