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Amoeba Frame?

Hi guys. I tried to search high and low for the information on this particular frame, Amoeba Hussar ATDC frame. Not much information found though. Anyone had any info or reviews on it? Here is the link to the frame picture: [URL]http://cdn2.sulitstatic.com/images/2012/0618/075908975_075718719677 ... Read More »

The evolution of the Amoeba continues - Cree XP-G2

Got some of the newest Cree XP-G2's mated up with some Ledil Regina reflectors in one of my Amoeba's. Powering it with a B2Flex I had lying around. [IMG]http://gallery.mtbr.com/data/mtbr/500/Amoeba_bikepacking_version.jpg[/IMG] Can't wait to get out and test it out on tomorrow mornings ride ... Read More »

My Amoeba season opener!

Well if was the first work day of the short light days, what a great day to start my night riding season. I didn't do any mountain bike trails this round but did manage to find dirt still. Took some nice rides around/in Chatfield. I still love this light, Thanks again! [IMG]http://i31.photobuck ... Read More »

Team Amoeba - 24 Hours Of Gunnison - Second Place Mens Solo Singlespeed

I always wanted to try a 24 hour race and had it on my bucket list. I lost my job in the fall and decided it was time to get some of these races off the list. I was able to scratch off the breckenridge 100 and figured i would take the momentum from that race and attempt a 24 hour race solo. As we al ... Read More »

amoeba light

i just purchased this 2 LED light and am having a issue to keep it on.... what am doing wrong. The battery is not dead.. the programming is not done and I looked at the manual wich is 27 pages long and says nothing to a non electrical engineer. help ScottRead More »


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