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Deuter Trans Alpine, Compact EXP Air and Race Hydration Packs

Christian from Deuter shows us three of their packs that are popular for biking - the Trans Alpine, the Compact EXP Air and the Race EXP Air. Deuter has some great features in their packs and they are great options if you ride in warm to hot climates. Trans Alpine Actually designed and ...    Read More »

Alpine Bike Parks Introduces FlowForm Trail Features

Creating the New Standard in Bicycle Playground Experiences Alpine Bike Parks Introduces the FlowForm™ Series of Engineered Bicycle Playground Features. "FlowForm™ features are engineered bicycle playground structures that will bring bike parks up to the level of professional design common in tra ...    Read More »

Feature: Yukon Mountain Biking – Carcross

The bike-specific trail system in Carcross only came into existence in 2004. The mountain bike scene was literally created from close to nothing.   Read More »

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Alpine Road (Dirt)

Does anyone know if Alpine Road dirt is open? I haven't been able to find any information either way...Read More »

Alpine Lakes bill gets bipartisan boost (including Middle Fork Snoqualmie River)

I don't want to even whisper "W" in a crowded bike-house but I was looking for something and stumbled into this: "Proposed legislation would add the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River to the protected Alpine Wilderness Lakes area, Saturday Jun 21, 2013." Here is a link to the article: [url=h ... Read More »

Alpine Shuttles open

Hi All Just wanted to let you know that Oregon Adventures is open and running Alpine shuttles. Right now we are running Alpine shuttles Friday-Sunday be at our shop at 9:45 leave by 10am. We are available Monday-Thursday by appointment. We are also available for other Oakridge area shuttl ... Read More »

late 80's Univega Alpine Sport

Picked this up last week with plans to strip the components for another non vintage, but retro build. Once in hand, I couldn't help but clean her up and take a lap around the block. The components are flawless, functionally, the big surprise for me was the Tange Prestige tubing, matching fork and ... Read More »

Avid BB7 for 2010 Marin Alpine Trail?

Hey guys, Brand new to this site and new to the sport of mountain biking. I recently purchased a 2010 marin apline trail 26in mountain bike and I am looking to upgrade the brakes from the standard Hayes MX4 to the Avid BB7s. My question though is will the BB7s work on my bike or will I have to fi ... Read More »

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