Alpine Road (Dirt)

Does anyone know if Alpine Road dirt is open? I haven't been able to find any information either way...Read More »

Alpine Lakes bill gets bipartisan boost (including Middle Fork Snoqualmie River)

I don't want to even whisper "W" in a crowded bike-house but I was looking for something and stumbled into this: "Proposed legislation would add the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River to the protected Alpine Wilderness Lakes area, Saturday Jun 21, 2013." Here is a link to the article: [url=h ... Read More »

Alpine Shuttles open

Hi All Just wanted to let you know that Oregon Adventures is open and running Alpine shuttles. Right now we are running Alpine shuttles Friday-Sunday be at our shop at 9:45 leave by 10am. We are available Monday-Thursday by appointment. We are also available for other Oakridge area shuttl ... Read More »

late 80's Univega Alpine Sport

Picked this up last week with plans to strip the components for another non vintage, but retro build. Once in hand, I couldn't help but clean her up and take a lap around the block. The components are flawless, functionally, the big surprise for me was the Tange Prestige tubing, matching fork and ... Read More »

Avid BB7 for 2010 Marin Alpine Trail?

Hey guys, Brand new to this site and new to the sport of mountain biking. I recently purchased a 2010 marin apline trail 26in mountain bike and I am looking to upgrade the brakes from the standard Hayes MX4 to the Avid BB7s. My question though is will the BB7s work on my bike or will I have to fi ... Read More »


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