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Aireon Team SL ... Broken

Here's my Aireon Team race with its rails broken. This happened today...road riding. I had the slicks on the bike and doing some training. Kind of dissapointing because I've never broken rails before. I shouldn't be surprised, I only paid 20 something dollars for it at Supergo. I guess you get what ... Read More »

Aireon Prolite 173g claimed!!

Hi guys, I don't typically post on here, but I thought I might let you know. I bought this prolite on a whim from supergo. I had the selle italia slr 135g model for 89.99 in my hand and then I saw these aireon saddles with a claimed weight of 173g for the prolite. What the hell I thought, 40g diff ... Read More »

Aireon, "Big Tool Kit" vs "Complete Tool Kit"?

Supergo has a sale on their Aireon tool kits: - Aireon Big Tool Kit, 49.00 (discounted from 89.95) - Aireon Complete Tool Kit, 30.00 (discounted from 49.95) I'm thinking of getting one, which is the better value? (see below for the list of components for each kit). Or, am I still better off ... Read More »

Reincarnation of the Aireon Prolite?

Check it out: [url]http://www.pricepoint.com/detail/13247-270_SETRT4-3-Parts-67-Saddles/Sette-Race-Ti-Leather-Saddle.htm[/url] Could this be related to the Aireon Prolite or Team or whatever everyone was snapping up? (And with a more realistic weight claim?)Read More »

which aireon mens saddle the best?

Which aireon saddle was everyone buying a couple months ago? It was around 30 bucks with ti rails and really light? My vintage peugeot with its white Vetta seat aint cutting it. well actually, it feels like it is cutting my package. thanksRead More »





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