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Review: Airborne HobGoblin 29er

The Airborne HobGoblin 29er offers a great value for the budget-minded rider or beginner who is looking for a trail oriented all arounder.   Read More »

Just In: Airborne Hobgoblin 29er

Airborne Bicycles Hobgoblin 29er is in for testing! With 100mm of rear travel and an MSRP of $1749, the Hobgoblin offers a good value for the XC/Trail rider looking for some big wheels with some cush.   Read More »

Bike Review: Airborne Guardian 29er

Factory Direct, Well Spec'ed and in Effect The MBT Test Crew likes factory-direct mountain bike manufacturers and here's why: We have our own in-house mechanics so assembling and tuning a brand new bicycle is daily routine. When we can save hundreds, sometimes thousands off the asking price of a ...    Read More »

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Airborne Guardian 2.0 vs Trek Mamba

Yep, another "what should I get" thread from a beginner :thumbsup: I'm strongly considering getting into mountain biking and I'm about to bite the bullet and buy my first bike in 13 years. I've done my homework and my options have come down to 2 bikes (maybe 3...): Airborne Guardian 2.0 or the Trek ... Read More »

Placed my order - Airborne Seeker on the Way

Hey guys, thanks to all your help, I made my mind and placed my order. Now, as you may know, I'm way over budget (I started with the idea of spending no more than $700 total!!!). I need some help choosing only the essential gear that I need to be able to ride the bike as soon as I get the box. I'l ... Read More »

Noob Question: Jamis Dragon Sport vs Airborne Goblin

I am looking at getting a new bike and looking to go the 29er route. I previously rode a 10 year old GT Avalanche sand was forced to upgrade a few parts due to breaking them. So quality components are important and these two bikes seem to have similar componenets with the main difference being steel ... Read More »

Is there a better upgrade/build path? Fuji vs Airborne vs ??

I've been collecting stuff for a build up of a Fuji Tahoe SL 1x10. Now it looks like I need to add an additional XC bike to the collection. The Fuji frame I have is a bit on the small side (17"), so it struck me I can just buy a complete bike with good (larger) frame and use that frame for my build ... Read More »

Beginner looking for advice on 2 bikes - Haro vs airborne

Beginner looking for a bike under $1300.00. I am 5"9 and weigh 180. Looking for a bike for adventure racing and trail riding. What is a better bike the Haro flight line trail 29 or the guardian seeker? Should I be looking at something else in that price ? Don't know enough yet to make an informed ... Read More »

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Airborne Product Categories

2003 Hardtail

Lucky Strike 4.9
10   Reviews
$ 999.00

29er Full Suspension

HobGoblin 4.5
2   Reviews
$ 1749.95
HobGoblin Frameset 4
1   Reviews
$ 879.95
HobGoblin X0 5
1   Reviews
$ 2999.95

29er Hardtail

Goblin 4.58
19   Reviews
$ 1199.95
Goblin Evolution 0
0   Reviews
$ 1599.95
Goblin Frameset 0
0   Reviews
$ 249.95
Goblin X0 4
1   Reviews
$ 2399.95
Guardian 4.25
12   Reviews
$ 599.95
Guardian 2.0 0
0   Reviews
$ 599.95
Seeker 0
0   Reviews
$ 929.95

All Mountain Full Suspension

Marauder 4.33
6   Reviews
$ 700.00


Wingman 5
2   Reviews
$ 699.99

Downhill Full Suspension

Pathogen 0
0   Reviews
$ 1599.95
Taka 3.67
6   Reviews
$ 1399.95
Toxin 0
0   Reviews
$ 1749.95


Exustar PM211 0
0   Reviews
$ 40.00
Exustar PM215 0
0   Reviews
$ 67.00

XC Full Suspension

Zeppelin 4
1   Reviews
$ 600.00
Zeppelin Elite 4
3   Reviews
$ 800.00

XC Hardtail

Sabre 5
1   Reviews
$ 249.99
Skyhawk 0
0   Reviews
$ 349.99
Spectre 2
1   Reviews
$ 350.00
Spectre Sport 0
0   Reviews
$ 500.00


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