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Giro Aeon $149 at Jenson.

All sizes but limited colors. Best helmet I've ever tried. [url=http://www.jensonusa.com/Giro-Aeon-Helmet-2012]Giro Aeon Helmet 2012 > Apparel > Helmets | Jenson USA Online Bike Shop[/url]Read More »

Giro Aeon 150 dollars.

[url=http://www.competitivecyclist.com/product-apparel/2012-giro-aeon-helmet-9664.10.1.html?CMP_ID=SH_FRO0014&mv_pc=r147&mr:trackingCode=12102B7C-75B4-E111-805D-001B21BCB944&mr:referralID=NA]2012 Giro Aeon Helmet - Competitive Cyclist[/url] or ask Jenson to price match.Read More »

Atmos or Aeon?

In the market for a new "cooler" helmet. Those that have used both, is the Aeon worth the extra scratch?Read More »

Giro Aeon Helmet

My new Giro Aeon helmet arrived so I tried it out today. It's a size medium in the Rabobank colour scheme. The Giro Aeon is much lighter than the old Giro Ionos. When you pick them up it's very noticeable. The Giro Aeon in a size medium weighs 195g approx whilst the Giro Ionos in a size medium we ... Read More »

Nokia Aeon......$300usd

We are a Standard mobile phones distributor , We deal with all kinds of mobile phones and laptops which are Brand New Sealed and Unlocked also comes with their complete accessories. They also comes with their 1year international warranty. They are available at a very cheaper rat ... Read More »



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