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Acros T-Shirt Facebook Competition

Create your own Acros T-Shirt and win one of 20 amazing prizes. The shirt with the most clicks will get one of our new hydraulic shifting system A-GE. You want to see your motif on an Acros T-Shirt? Then join the Acros T-Shirt Competition now, create your own design from 8/11/2011 to 9/16/2011 an ...    Read More »

Acros Hydraulic Shifting System and 29er Wheels

Christophe, the engineer from Acros, shows us the new hydraulic shifting system at Bike Press Camp. Acros Hydraulic Shifting System Hydraulic operated "Push Push" system - no spring for downshifting in front and rear derailleur All shifting done with thumb Have all the force of sh ...    Read More »

Audi Introduces New E-bike - Wörthersee Electric Bicycle

Besides recently acquiring Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati, German auto manufacturer Audi has recently announced a new electric bicycle dubbed the "Wörthersee". As you can see from the photos, the Wörthersee features a prodigious amount of carbon fiber construction and ...    Read More »

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Acros Headsets?

Any opinions? I thinking of picking up an AH-15 (1.5") model. Seems high quality and lightweight. Anyone have anything to say? Thx! tobyRead More »

Has anyone ever used Acros Hubs?

Some of guys over at one of the European weight weenie forums mentioned Acros is the German Chris King in terms of hubs and headsets. Has anyone had any experience with them? I originally posted this over at MTBR's weight weenie forum, but was hoping someone here who doesn't frequent that side of th ... Read More »

What is the story on Acros .54 hubs?

Front Hub Disc: 103g w/ Ceramics Rear Hub Disc: 208 g w/ Ceramics and if you don't believe in Ceramics (I'm not convinced they are better except for being lighter), there exists non ceramic models: Front Hub Disc: 113g w/ Ceramics Rear Hub Disc: 214 g w/ Ceramics Are the claimed weights accurat ... Read More »

Acros purple components?

Reading a mtb magazine from June, I've seen that Acros presented at the Sea Otter a group set of components (seat post,hubes,aheadset ans seat post) in differents coulours I've searched in Acros website:nothing. Is someone know if these components are available somewhere? It's for my new ... Read More »

Acros AH 06 issues

I have an Acros AH 06 headset on my dambala. I picked it up because I knew I'm hard on headsets, they say it's rated for freeriding, so I figured it would be dependable for the rough cross country trails around here on a rigid bike. So, after a bit of riding the headset developed a little play. I ... Read More »

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Acros Product Categories

29er Tire

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Bottom Bracket

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A-GE Front 0
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$ 1090.00


A-Flat SL 0
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$ 99.00
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A-SP 0
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$ 2000.00




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