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Acorn Trail Wrightwood 10/22

I'm playing hooky on Monday to ride the Acorn trail in Wrightwood. A while back, a few people expressed interest in riding this trail so here's your chance! I plan to leave home around 9:00 a.m. and start riding about 10. I could meet people at the Palmdale park and ride or in Wrightwood. The r ... Read More »

Acorn Trail, Wrightwood

Has anyone rode Acorn Trail lately. If so, I have never been on it, is it rideable? It is on Wright Mountain drops off Guffy Ridge into Camp Mariastella then into Wrightwood. Looking to find a ride out of the heat. DeanRead More »

9X1 Acorn nuts for Surly New Hub...

I am looking for a couple of acorn style axle nuts for a 9X1 axle. I have tried every online hardware store and bike sites. The Surly hub uses regular nuts, would be nice to have closed ends to keep the axle clean and dry. Would be nice to have green anodized alloy ones :cool:Read More »





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