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A2Z or Litespeed Disc Brake Adapter ???

Hi All, I recently traveled to the Washington to met my brother-in-law and from there I've got a classic Litespeed Tellico titanium MTB which equipped with v-brake. I am considering to convert it into disc brake which people tell me it's more reliable for effective brake system. I read through som ... Read More »

A2Z hubs (Rotaz too?) Long Term Review

Well not exactly long term, but in the last 7 months I've put somewhere between 5000 and 7000km on these hubs. The good: - front hub is great and trouble free; - bearings are excellent quality, well sealed and still going strong; The bad: - rear hub engagement mechanism has an inherent flaw ... Read More »

Anybody got one of those A2z disc brake adapter

Got an aluminum frame one of those adapters should fit on to give it a disc mount. Just wondering if anybody out there has one sitting around I could buy off them? In the unlikely event, email me at [email]raubgee@gmail.com[/email]Read More »

a2z disk break adapter?

I saw a late 90's GT with one of these adapters on it so they could run disk brakes. Does anyone know if this could be used on any bike that does not have rear disk tabs? Thanks for the help.Read More »

Paid spam: a2z disc brake adapter

Convert your non-disc frame to disc. I used this on my Ventana for ~2 years with 0 issues. Other items as well. Items are on ebay too, but I will cancel the ebay ad for mtbr's. Homebrewed Nut Tuggers red Soma Clarence bar a2z disc brake adapter Thomson 130mm stem Ventana crown race for King heads ... Read More »





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