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Review: 9point8 Pulse Stepper Seatpost

9point8's Pulse seatpost is a new entry into the market of on-the-fly adjustable seatposts. Mechanically actuated, manufactured in North America; its key differentiator is that it has a lever that looks like a mini brake lever and steps up and down in .5mm increments.   Read More »

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9point8 new dropper post???

I came across this yesterday looking for info on a new dropper post. [video=youtube;MjFrgRxv5Lk]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjFrgRxv5Lk[/video] Looks like a Canadian company with a new post in the works and going customer direct according to the website. [url=http://www.9point8.ca]Home - Ni ... Read More »

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