Expanding Fatbike Market Carries Big Momentum at Interbike

You couldn't go far at Interbike without encountering something fatbike. Whether crushing gravel at Outdoor Demo, blasting through barriers at Cross Vegas or taking up square footage in trade show booths, product offerings continue to grow.   Read More »

Winter Bike Expo This Weekend - Dec 8 Minneapolis, MN

Marking the Kickoff of Winter Cycling Season, the Freewheel Winter Bike Expo Returns With Fat Tires, Snow Bike Races and Fun! Being a born and bred Californian, Minneapolis in the winter isn't the first thing I think of when it comes to winter cycling. I traveled to Madison a couple of years ago ...    Read More »

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45NRTH Helva pedal, anyone have any experience?

I am considering these for my new fatbike and was wondering about the grip. They seem well made and are thin and don't look like they will pack up with mud and snow etc. I am on Canfield crampons now and they are great as far as grip goes (pointed screws) the Helvas are flat screws and I am wonder ... Read More »

45nrth Jaztronaut or Dryguy TheremoFeet

Has anyone tried these insoles yet. If so are they worth it? Just bought a pair of Northwave Artics and Im getting a cold draft where the cleats attach to the boot. The 45NRTH are a completely new insole.. And pricey [url=http://45nrth.com/chronicles/post/jaztronaut-aerogel-insoles-availa ... Read More »

45NRTH Wolvhammer Boot sizing

I looked up the sizing chart on the 45NRTH webpage and they showed how to measure your foot for sizing to their winter riding boot (see attached). My longer foot measured 284mm barefoot, which puts me at a size 45 per their chart and I wear size 11 shoes which also puts me at a 45 per their chart. ... Read More »

Sizing on 45NRTH Wolvhammers?

To all the people that have the new Wolvhammers, did you size up from your normal shoe size. I have read a couple people have gone one size up from normal. I ride Specialized shoes in size 44 and have some real low volume feet, but my current winter shoes Shimano WM-81s I have as a size 46, so I c ... Read More »

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