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ChainReactionCycles/Intense team dominate at Fort William

Well the first race of the year on a proper track with the whole team and the new bikes couldn't have gone much better! After a week over at ChainReactionCycles.com in Ireland, getting the bikes dialled in, doing team photos, filming with Stu from MTBcut.com and basically having a fantastic time ...    Read More »

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blackburn airstick sl or 2stage, dimensions?

does anyone have the dimensions on these new, smaller pumps from blackburn? they have been around for awhile so I figure someone may know. curious if it will fit in a saddle bag. the site only states weight, not length.Read More »

2Stage AM8 vs SC Nomad

I currently ride a 2006 SC Nomad with a CCDB rear shock and 66 RC2X fork and while i love the bike i'd like to get a new frame. I like the idea of the 2Stage AM8 but haven't been able to find much info at all. Has anyone had any experience with them? Has anyone ridden both? Should i just ... Read More »

Scott Gambler DH20 VS 2Stage Elite9

Hi... I've been training hard for a while and I want to start riding competition DH. I need to buy a new bike! I really want the 08 Scott DH10 but can't get it in Australia! SO I'm stuck choosing between the 2009 Scott DH 20 and the 2Stage Elite9.. Can anyone help with some advice about which one i ... Read More »

2stage bikes NewZealand Bike Build

Hey all I thought Id put up some pics of my new DH Rig from NewZealand Its a bike designed in NewZealand and sold direct from [url]www.2stagebikes.com[/url] These guys are onto a great design and have refined it into a bike that is built to last and rides,Corners and Jumps Great. I love the ... Read More »

2Stage Bikes (Dual Shock)

These bikes are starting to appear out there, have seen a couple already and damb they are nice, loving the Zed 8. Photo of Zed 8 [url=http://www.vorb.org.nz/photos-view-9343-15-normal-0.html][b]Click[/b][/url] Photo of Elite 9 (4th picture down) [url=http://www.vorb.org.nz/ftopic-22792-days ... Read More »

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Downhill Full Suspension

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Freeride Full Suspension

Zed8 4
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