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Daily coverage from the 2014 Sea Otter Classic Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of Mtbr's daily coverage of the 2014 Sea Otter Classic. We’ll be continually updating this page with photos and beta on all the latest in mountain bike technology.    Read More »

IMBA/Bell Built Video 2: Stafford Lake Bike Park pitch

The Stafford Lake Bike Park in Novato, Calif. wants your vote for the Bell Built trail grant. See if you think they deserve it.   Read More »

Compare-O Bottom Line: Cannondale Trigger 29 Carbon 2 has the good kind of split personality

The split personality Cannondale Trigger Carbon 2 has the climbing chops of a short-travel XC racer, but can rip descents like a true trail bike.    Read More »

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SRAM XO 1/2 off

Here's the link for a rear dérailleur. You can search the PX site for the other XO components. [url]http://www.planet-x-bikes.co.uk/i/q/RMSRAMX0/sram_x0_rear_mech[/url]Read More »

Just ordered a clearance Focus Black forest 2.0.. Give me the good/bad news

It was 50% off because it was actually a 2011. I see specs dropping and prices rising every year, so this was actually not a bad thing for me at all. I can see 29er technology improving a little every year as they take over, but it looks pretty good regardless. I was going to order the Focus Black F ... Read More »

Purgatory Control 2.3 Measured in at 2.1????

Hello everyone, I just purchased a Purgatory Control 2.3 for my brother's stumpy as a front tire. Well once I fitted it to the rim it looked very small, so I measured it and got 2.1 inches. He has a Captain 2.2 on the rear and I measured this tire as well and got 2.2; larger than the Purgat ... Read More »

Adjusting Sram Type 2 clutch

After several months of riding my Sram XX1, the roller beraing clutch on it seemed to be dying and i could here more chain slap going on. Here is how you adjust the clutch to tighten or loosen it. 1. Take off the plastic cap on the outside of where the bearing is housed in the derailleur. [ATTAC ... Read More »

Bruiser 2 retrofit

hey guys im new to the forum, was looking for a place for this post, I am stripping down this bike and building it with all new components, i already have a shimano saint for the rear caliper, and a shimano xt for the front. i havent decided yet whether or not I can go 10 speed in the rear, but i do ... Read More »

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