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Review: 21 lb. Saris Freedom Hitch Tray Rack

At 21 lbs and $239, this tray style hitch rack offers a compelling solution that was previously the domain of much more expensive and heavier racks.   Read More »

Review: Subaru XV Crosstrek - Long Term Update

It's now got 13,000 miles and we call it the Enduro™ car. It's slow on the climbs but it's fast on the descents and it rallies on the rough stuff.   Read More »

1up USA Bike Rack Review

1Up USA is famous for their bike trainers so we were excited at the opportunity to try their bike racks. At first glance, it looks like a science project as the whole unit looks CNC'd and the bike retention mechanism looks unlike any we've seen before. But as we used it extensively, we learned about ...    Read More »

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Questions for long-term 1UPUSA rack owners

So to those who have had this rack for a year or more and used it often, are there any weak points? How are the arms holding up? I think they use wire springs in the locking mechanisms, and I'm wondering how long that would hold up. Also, are those thin steel bolts working out okay? For the la ... Read More »

Anyone with a 1upUSA bike rack?

Looking for anyone who has one of these 1upUSA bike racks somewhere near Ft. Collins or just north of Denver.. want to see one in person before deciding if they are worth $300 per bike (and I need to carry 3).. reviews are all good but thats a lot of cash to just blindly order one.. Thanks for a ... Read More »

Rack your Fat: 1upUSA

Looking for a [B]fat-friendly rack option[/B]? Installed my new 1upUSA roof rack today. Brilliantly simple functionality, and very low profile compared to the Yakima rack I use for my road bike. For an extra $29, you can get a spacer kit for fatbikes: [url=http://1upusa.com/fat_tire_spacer_ ... Read More »

1upUSA bike rack question

I have an SUV with a 2" receiver and a car with a 1.25" receiver. I think I'm going to get the 1upUSA rack with 2 extensions -- so three racks total. My question is, would it cause too much sway on the car if it's fully loaded? Can a regular car handle 3 bikes with the rack? Also, are they sui ... Read More »

1UpUSA trainer : Am I one of a kind?

Hello folks, First of all, this thread is in no way to complain about the trainer or the company. I'm having problems with the product and it seems it simply is not suited for me. So, as mentionned, I have a 1UpUSA CPR A-2000 that has been giving me problems. Basically, I burn through friction pa ... Read More »

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1upUSA Product Categories

Bike Rack

Aluminum Quik-Rack Bicycle Hitch Carrier 4.82
116   Reviews
$ 299.00
Aluminum Roof Rack 5
5   Reviews
$ 189.00


test 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00


0   Reviews
$ 75.00
Tire Sealant 0
0   Reviews
$ 7.98


CPR A-2000 All-Aluminum 4.78
107   Reviews
$ 299.00


Roam 5
10   Reviews
$ 24.98




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