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As the popularity of 29ers has grown, so has the availability of high-end aftermarket wheels like the Reynolds Carbon 29er Wheelset. Built around a wider 21-millimeter(internal) carbon rim, and attached to the Reynolds-built hubs via DT Revolution spokes, there isn't a weak-link in the equation. The wider rim includes all the advantages of the competition's 19-millimeter widthAAAthen improves on them. The extra-wide rim provides a more stable platform for tires two inches and larger, preventing them from rolling like on a narrower rim. In addition, and contrary to many of their competitors, Reynolds' engineers concluded that more spoke holes results in a weaker rim. They examined thousands of broken or damaged rims and found that the break almost always originated at a spoke or valve hole. Instead of the typical 32 spoke count, the Utah-based company decided that a 24-spoke wheelset would both reduce weight and add strength, achieving the goal of both agility and durability. Weighing in at just under 1600 grams for the set, the Carbon 29er Wheelset isn't the lightest available, but what they lack in weight advantage they make up for in performance and stiffness, and weight doesn't matter if your wheels flex like a wet noodle underneath you.

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User Reviews

Overall Rating:1
Value Rating:1
Submitted by Gil Naor a Cross Country Rider

Date Reviewed: July 6, 2015

Strengths:    Light weight / support lefty

Weaknesses:    The worst wheelset I've ever used. Any given ride = broken spokes. I had my wheel rebuilt twice and replaced all the doll-hair spokes. nothing helped. I eventually switched to American Classic Carbonator. DO NOT BUY THIS WHEELSET. AVOID THE GRIEF. REALLY.

Bottom Line:   

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Similar Products Used:   American Classic Carbonator

Bike Setup:   2013 Cannondale Scalpel Carbon 1

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Tavopardo

Date Reviewed: June 12, 2014

Strengths:    Light weight
Excellent customer service
I like the relation between the wheel and the tire for stability

Weaknesses:    None!

Bottom Line:   
After some hesitation due to price and few reviews a year ago I decided to get these wheels, so far I only have to say good thinks about them.
Before I got them I emailed Reynolds for some info about the adapter, very responsive go all the related info in a short period of time

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by paul

Date Reviewed: April 6, 2014

Strengths:    Light 1518 grams on my scale, 24 spokes, stiff as stiff gets

Weaknesses:    none

Bottom Line:   
I actually own the Reynolds 29er Carbon 2013 wheel set, not like most haters that see them on the wall in a bike shop,cant afford them and hate on them, well ask an owner of a product how they are, Reynolds makes thousands of wheels a year and 8 haters can ruin a reputation , " REALLY" these things accelerate like none other, stiff like you can corner on rails, climb like no other non carbon wheel can, So if you can find a deal on them I would say go for it, retail is a little steep at 2k, but they woke my Stumpjumper FSR 29er up to be alive, I also have a set of Reynolds Assaults on my road bike with almost 20k miles on them and they are as good if not better than when they went on,

Overall Rating:1
Value Rating:2
Submitted by Duncan

Date Reviewed: April 3, 2014

Strengths:    I struggle with strengths for these wheels, pose value/conversation piece might be one?

Weaknesses:    where do you start, Carbon rims on mountain bikes in my opinion do not work. These wheels are great on the road where they isolate buzz & small bumps..... BUT off road they are way too harsh & do not roll through larger bumps/terrain instead they seem to bang or even push back & make a flowing style harder to achieve.
Spoke tension, yes it does need some tlc. The hubs, how heavy, how poor are the seals on the bearings, they were noticably rougher after just two weeks use.

Bottom Line:   
I bought these wheels second hand, but they had (definately) not been used, I'm just so glad I only paid £450 for them. I have since refitted my hope, rev, crest front & king, rev, crest rear wheels back on the bike.
I would cry if I'd paid £1300 for them!

Overall Rating:2
Value Rating:3
Submitted by Spyros a Racer

Date Reviewed: October 10, 2013

Strengths:    2012 model:Stif rim

Weaknesses:    Hubs!!! Weight!!! Spoke detensioning during first couple of months!!!!

Bottom Line:   
Bought mine from a year ago. Having lost (?) the rear 142x12 cap ends I contacted Reynolds numerous times (local retailer, hibike and via and every time i was offered and paid for what later prooved to be 2013 end caps. A month ago I bought a Tune Kong 142x12 rear hub and while rebuiling the rear wheel I weighted the reynolds hub which as I found was 335gr (Kong 205gr) and the rim itself (without tape/valve)was 455 gr. I know that carbon wheels is a lot more than weight but when I paid 999euros on my heavily discounted pair I expected at least a top of the range hub!!! Anyway not very happy with after sales service and hub/spoke/nipple quality.

Overall Rating:2
Value Rating:1
Submitted by chillmolly

Date Reviewed: August 9, 2013

Strengths:    Light, stiff and rims appear to be durable

Weaknesses:    Spokes detensioned after only a few rides. Customer service was unimpressive

Bottom Line:   
Wheels seemed to perform fairly well until I discovered a couple of loose spokes after about about 300 miles. The wheels were at Renyolds for a few weeks. Finally my local shop rebuilt the rear wheel with heavier spokes, and that seemed to solve the problem. If you get a bike with these wheels, you need to have the rear wheel rebuilt or expect to have the same problem.

Overall Rating:3
Value Rating:2
Submitted by TSlayer

Date Reviewed: July 16, 2013

Strengths:    stiff.

Weaknesses:    spoke detensioning, poorly designed freehub mechanism pops and looses tension often every ride from 5-10 times.

Bottom Line:   

read "Alex a Racer Date Reviewed: May 24, 2013" review and you will have an exact description of my experience with these wheels.
I bought a set of Stand ZTR Arch ex and have had a experience with them for half the price.

Overall Rating:3
Value Rating:4
Submitted by K9-Usurper

Date Reviewed: June 24, 2013

Strengths:    The rims themselves. I'm sold on carbon rims for big (29er) wheels.

Weaknesses:    Spoke count, nipples, lack of a true UST rim.

Bottom Line:   
I have a set of 2012 (black hubs) Reynolds Carbon 29er wheels and a set of their 2013 (red hubs) 29er carbon hoops.

2012 29er Carbon Set (black hubs)

For starters, the stickers are super ugly. Luckily there is no clear coat over them so removing them is a quick fix. Mounting tires tubeless on this wheel set can be hit and miss. Since this isn't a true UST rim, seating tires can be problematic, even with an air compressor. I will say that seating a true UST tire on these rims is much easier than mounting some "tubeless ready" tire.

After a solid year+ of use, the biggest issue I've faced has to do with the nipples. With only 24 spokes/nipples, there is obviously a bit more stress on each spoke n nipple vs a standard 32 hole rim. So far, I've broken 5 nipples on the rear wheel. Each time, the spoke and threads were fine, but the nipple failed. The first 4 were on the drive side on the rear. I went ahead and replaced the rear drive side with black brass nipples instead of the aluminum nipples the wheel set came with. Oddly, the aluminum nipples were kinda disintegrating. I'm not sure if this is due to the sealant or what, but they are just falling apart. I took the wheel set to Downieville this last weekend and I had a non-drive nipple fail in the same fashion. I now plan to replace the non-drive with all brass nipples as well.

Down the road, I plan to replace the rear black hub with a DT hub. I haven't weighed the rear black hub that comes with the wheel set, but from what I've been told, it's quite a bit heavier than the newer red hub used in the 2013 model.

2013 29er Carbon Set (red hubs)

I've been using these for about 6 months now. Once I got the 2013s, I moved the 2012s to my Tallboy and used the 2013s on my Highball. These rims are similar to the 2012s in that they are not true UST rims. Not a huge problem, but again, tire mounting can be a bit tricky. Unlike the 2012 wheels, the 2013s use straight pull DT Revolution spokes. I've had multiple issues with spokes loosing their tension on the rear wheel. This is somewhat expected for a new wheel, but it seems to be exasperated by the use of straight pull spokes coupled with low spoke count. Plus, with straight pull spokes, when you lose tension on a spoke, the chances of you finding that spoke are slim to none. Came home the other night and heard the nipple rattling in the rim, but no spoke. Called Reynolds and they were gracious enough to send me 3 spokes for the drive side and 3 for the non drive (287mm and 289mm). I thought these DT spokes were standard, but after a bit of research, it turns out you can't buy straight pull DT Revolution spokes. Instead, you have to buy their DT Competition spokes. Not a huge deal, but if you were thinking you could replace these spokes with over the counter replacements, you're slightly mistaken.

All n all, I'd buy these again.. but only if at a screaming deal price.

Overall Rating:1
Value Rating:1
Submitted by JInkers a Cross Country Rider

Date Reviewed: June 11, 2013

Strengths:    Very rigid

Weaknesses:    Chronic spoke detensioning

Bottom Line:   
Very disappointed in these wheels!
I found this post whilst looking for info on how to service the hub on these wheels and felt I had to post something as I have experienced the same issue!
I got a Scalpel 29er carbon last September with these wheels and after the FIRST ride I found I had completely lost a spoke on the rear wheel!! Due to issues with the headset the whole bike had to be exchanged. I was hoping on the replacement bike the wheels would be o.k. but on the first ride I got 2 loose spokes! This is really bad on a wheelset which costs this much money and I would expect much better from a company like Reynold. After all, they specialize in building wheels – badly obviously!
So, over the winter I rebuilt the wheel myself by removing each spoke one at a time and applying blue Loctite in lieu of Spoke Prep. So far the spokes have now been o.k.

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Bike Setup:   Scalpel 29er Carbon

Overall Rating:2
Value Rating:2
Submitted by Alex a Racer

Date Reviewed: May 24, 2013

Strengths:    Lightweight, reasonably stiff for the weight

Weaknesses:    Chronic spoke detensioning, poorly designed freehub/pawl mechanism (see details below)

Bottom Line:   
I have two of the 2013 29er carbon wheelsets that came on my new Cannondale rigs (Flash and Scalpel Carbon 1). The wheels were part of the sell, and I fully expected that I'd be blown away by the combination of a lightweight AND stiff wheelset...the aura of carbon. This is my first carbon wheelset (first experience with Reynolds in general), but I've ridden a number of other hub/rim brands in my years cycling (DT Swiss, Chris King, Industry Nine, Stans...) For how much the bikes each cost, or for what these wheels run solo (near $2k?), I've sadly been disappointed. In 3 months on the wheels, I've experienced 2 notable problems - chronic detensioning of spokes (right out of the box!) and slipping/popping within the freehub body. I should start by mentioning that I'm not an aggressive rider nor am I putting much weight on the wheels - I ride mainly XXC events that take place on at least 50% gravel roads and pretty well tuned singletrack, and I'm probably topping out at 145 - 150 lbs. Relevant background since I know both of these problems could be rider dependent!

I'd like to address the freehub issues first. From the first rides I had on either wheelset, I noticed a few occurrences of the rear hub popping and could physically feel it slip a bit. This immediately reminded me of the older Industry Nine wheels, which are known to pop as the pawl springs begin to wear and become more elastic. The difference here is these wheels are brand new, so the popping was not only unexpected, but disappointing to say the least. After a few rides with similar issues, I called Reynolds to discuss the problem and they quickly offered to send a replacement freehub body. I was happy about their responsiveness, but after 2 weeks and nothing having yet come in the mail, I called them back only to find out that the replacement was never shipped (no explanation of why). A week later (3 weeks after the initial call), I received the new freehub, had it installed and inspected by my local shop mechanic, and headed out to the mountains for a test ride on the newly serviced wheel. Within 15 minutes of starting the ride, I had the same popping/pinging in the hub, and could again feel the pawls slipping slightly. Note that during this time, the other wheelset was doing the exact same thing, and I received feedback from teammates echoing the same problem. Upon visual inspection of the pawl/spring design, it appears the springs lack enough tension to consistently retract the pawls as they ratchet through the hub shell. I was able to depress some of the pawls and witness them literally sticking for several seconds before they'd spring back up. So, after 3 months of riding the wheels, I've written this off as being a design flaw with their hubs. Very frustrating for what's marketed as a higher-end wheelset. My most expensive wheels prior to these cost less than half the price and never gave me problems with the hubs. That's issue 1 (and a big one if you're prepared to drop $2k on a top of the line component!!)

Issue 2: spoke detensioning. I tried to look for user reviews before I bought these bikes, and the only one I found was here on MTBR, where another rider complained of spokes detensioning early on. I wrote this off as an outlier since I hadn't heard any other mention of the problem. Unfortunately I experienced similar issues very early on. On what was literally the second ride on my Flash, I got back to my vehicle after 15 miles of gravel road riding and noticed a spoke completely missing from the rear wheel (keep in mind that both rides up to this point were on gravel, simply so I could attempt to get bike settings dialed in before unleashing the bike on some real trails!!) 30 miles of gravel, and a spoke had already backed out to the point where it fell out of the hub - I found out the hard way that straight-pull spokes can slip out VERY easily without being noticed. Inspection of the wheels confirmed other spokes that had also loosened almost completely out of the nipple. This is where Reynolds customer service began to get a bit out of hand (keywords unprofessional, unorganized...) I relayed the missing spoke flaw back to Reynolds over the phone, and was offered a handful of replacements. 2 weeks later, nothing in the mail. I called back to follow-up, speaking this time with another representative, who apologized for the spokes not having shipped when I originally called, and stated that she'd drop the replacements in the mail that day. They arrived a week later, only to be the wrong size (26" instead of 29" - and they knew my wheels were 29er since I clearly mentioned it over the phone). Called back again and received a similar apology and 'they're in the mail' comment. 2 weeks later, nothing. I just called back earlier this week and received another half-confused "I don't know what happened, sorry....". So as of today, I've yet to get a single replacement spoke for the new wheel (6 weeks later). Frustrated, to say the least...

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Duration Product Used:   3 months

Similar Products Used:   DT Swiss 240, Industry Nine, Chris King, Stan's

Bike Setup:   2013 Cannondale Scalpel Carbon 1 (Upgraded to full XTR & Hollowgram)
2013 Cannondale Flash Carbon 1 (XTR Cassette, otherwise stock)
2013 Trek Domane

Overall Rating:3
Value Rating:3
Submitted by Speed*Freak a All Mountain Rider

Date Reviewed: February 8, 2013

Strengths:    The rims are super stiff and tough. Over all the wheels are light, and the rims are TLR. Performance wise they're very responsive and spin up real fast.I dropped almost 2lbs off my bike. The wheels come with every outer hub flange configuration to run every standard on the market. Super easy to swap from 9mm to 15mm, to 20mm, same goes for the rear wheel. Great customer service, so far. Read on, I'm having spoke issues.
I have to say again the rims are super tough. On a night ride while playing fox and hound I was tailing another ride who, like myself, is always boosting off little rocks and roots and jumping around. He boosted off a little rock and gapped over a log about 4ft away, not seeing the log but booting a bit any way I cased the log, HARD. I herd a "twinge" and figured, "that's it I've damaged the rim". If I had been running tubes it would have been a pinch flat. The rim had no sign of damage.
Customer Service has been great from Reynolds so far.

Weaknesses:    This is hard to comment on. My experience could be an isolated issue. The rear axle came loose 6 times in 2wks worth of 20 2.5-3hrs rides. Not until I put red Loctite on the axle did it stay put. With in the first month the non drive side spokes ALL backed off. Back to the shop for re tensioning. 2wks later ALL the drive side backed off and one nipple head snapped off. Back to the shop, this time Reynolds was contacted and they sent an entire new spoke and nipple set for both wheels. The rear wheel was rebuilt with spoke prep. That was 3months ago and now I've still got spokes backing off. Two spokes were actually flopping around the other night. Reynolds has been contacted again. We'll see where we go next.

Bottom Line:   
Over all for the price I'm not impressed, even at my pro deal price. Price aside there is no reason for a wheel to have this many problems as early as I have in it's life. I'd expect this from a wheel after a couple seasons of riding the way I do. I by no means am a hack, in fact I get complement all the time about how smooth I am. In 35+yrs of riding and more then 25 of them at an expert level I've never had a part fail nor have I had the kind of repeat problem I had with these spoke. I've only broken 2 frames, both from abuse, one BMX and the other an MTB HT back in the 90's. Other then that I've only ever broken parts from crashes.

I hope this provides some insight. If I can I'll up date this review as the problem progresses with Reynolds.

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Duration Product Used:   less then 6months

Purchased At:   LBS

Similar Products Used:   Industry Nine ZRT, Mavic/hope. Rolf road wheels.

Bike Setup:   Giant AnthemX29er, 100mm travel.

Reviews 1 - 11 (11 Reviews Total)

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